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So this little EP actually came out in it’s re-vamped glory a couple of months ago, but due to the inability of this blog to work to an average blog clock (1year = 7years/1minute = 7minutes. 1day = 1day you’ll never get back. nah just joking. maybe just the last one), i’m writing about it now. And at the risk of wankerisms, this stuff is kinda timeless. This shit ain’t locked to no time-space thing blog time thing. man.

Skinny Legions is the project of Glenn Hopper, and yep, that’s Hopper, not Richards. Coz really, Augie March is the real obvious reference point for me with this. There’s the obvious similarity in the two ‘n’s in Glenn (fucking conspiracy this is), and then, of course, the voice. And although there’s differences in the structure and nature of the songs, there’s still this sense of ‘fun’ that permeates right throughout this release. It might not come through on first listen, but let it sit with you – it’ll come.

You can grab the Birdsong EP just over here, and we got our two fave cuts below.




Throwaway punk bandits, Birds With Thumbs are killing it with their new single ‘Clarence’. Scraping in at 2:19, the track packs a fair few sing-a-long punches to the face, just minus the eventual bruising. The clip is equally throwaway and fun n stuff.

‘Clarence’ is taken off the dudes’ new EP Cats and Other Dangerous Animals which their launching at Brighton Up Bar on Sep  4. Tix are 5 bones on the door.



Blue Mountains fella Spoonty is doing some really nice textured, layered intricate electronic music. He manages to put in such a big encompassing sound into all he does.

You can check out his EP Collections Vol. 1 over on his bandcamp page (free download).

I got my fave cut from the EP below as well as a new track that Spoonty uploaded a few days ago onto his soundcloud.