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he said she said VAN SHE

van she

ok. So if you keep up with the music bloggers out there, you may have noticed that Van She have a new track out. It’s no secret that Van She are probably one of my favourite bands out there so this is pretty exciting for me!

The boys are notorious for not really updating their MySpace/their facebook. But, if you keep up with their twitter, you’ll know that they’re currently working on a new album. So, just like their debut, V, it’ll probably take them about 2 years to finally get it out there!

But, there is good news. Triple J’s Mix Up dropped a newy from the fellas just recently. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper is pretty darn sweet. Covering an old 70’s track by Blue Öyster Cult, they’ve made it sound just like Van She. It’s a radio rip, so the quality isn’t great and who knows whether this is how it’ll sound in it’s final format, but still, it’s a goo indication as to where they’re headin!

So, without further ado, here it is.

Van She – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper (Radio Rip)

You can check out the boys here on iTunes, as well as their remix project Van She Tech on MySpace

The Little Stevies – Northcote Social Club 26/07/09

The Little Stevies

“Wasting time is fine tonight…” unless you’re enjoying a Little Stevies gig in sunny Northcote on a cold winter’s Sunday arvo. Young and old embraced the Northcote Social Club carpet, soaking up their aussie folk /pop. This gig gave us well constructed harmonies and warmth in their lyrics. We sat lapping up the catchy tunes, beautiful guitar chords and all round positive vibe amongst a massive hand crafted “Dink Me” sign. And what an eclectic mix of instruments! From guitars, vocals and drums to a rain stick, djembe and an accordion- just to mention a few.

The two lead singers in The Little Stevies happen to be sisters. A fellow Meandallmyfriends blogger, Miks reckons that siblings just have that certain something, which friends simply couldn’t create on a stage. If that makes any sense?!… and these two sisters really did just that.

Throughout their gig The Little Stevies divulged their secret tour itinerary to us in intricate detail of their upcoming Europe trip. It was also delightful when Simone joined the group on stage with her Auslan translation of Sunshower.

They surprised us with a cover of the late Michael Jackson’s Black or White. Other highlights were The Tram Song- about a boy who stole a Melbourne Tram. And a song from their video clip Somewhere We’ve Just Been which, believe it or not made it onto the Foxtel Country Music Channel!

They played a few newbies. One of my favourites was a song called There’s a Light, But It Sometimes Goes Out. Or what I like to refer to as their anti-gospel song. It was a real thigh slapping hoe down of a number!

This Band gives you that wanky little feeling of one-ness with the world, and eases your anxieties where your soul can drift away with their songs about love, people and places. All the feel good stuff.

To leave you with, a download of the track Somewhere We’ve Just Been, off their debut album.

The Little Stevies – Somewhere We’ve Just Been

Do yourself a favour.


New Music First #3

ok. So I have been listening to a few pretty cool tracks lately. A lot of them are thanks to Launchpad Uplate on Nova here in Melbourne (I think this show is national too though. Something like 10-1130 Monday to Thursday nights). Others are thanks to HypeMachine. Gotta love it. Anyway, here’s my list.

  • Coin Laundry – Lisa Mitchell (This is fresh – downloaded this morning. I’m not sure about it yet. I like it, but I think it’s gonna have to get a few more listens till I make up my mind)
  • Your Call – Hermitude Feat. Urthboy and Alana Stone (I know I put this up last time, but it is still on high rotation. The beginning of the track is damn sweet and the little “I get confused making my mind up. Are you the fuse that could light me up” line in the middle is too darn catchy.)
  • The Lighthouse Song – Josh Pyke (Finally decided I needed this album and I’ll finish downloading it when I get home tonight. This track is pretty good too!!)
  • Pool Party 2009 – Shazam (New up and comer DJ/Remixer guy from Perth. Pretty disposable but still, is a sweet tune.)
  • You’ve Got A Lot Of Nerve – Red Riders (Heard this on Launchpad last night. Great track.)
  • I’m Not Alone – Calvin Harris (Sounds different to his other stuff which I like. Somebody said it had more of an underground/indie disco sound. I think parts of it do, but the rest is just his trademark commercial dance/trance kinda stuff._
  • Always Like This – Bombay Bicycle Club (Heard this on Hype Machine Radio this morning (you can check out Hype Machine Radio here – they do a weekly podcast and basically just put together the most popular tracks of the week.)
  • Shooting Stars – Bag Raiders (my mention of bag raiders in the Bonnie Prince post, was because it was about the only other thing I was listening to at the time. And, they haven’t left the iPod)
  • Lion (Bag Raiders Remix) – ZZZ (ZZZ did a remix of Bag Raiders’ track Fun Punch a while ago and made it into a crazy psychotic piano driven track. Listen to it. It will make you nuts! This track is really good though – Bag Raiders returning the favour.)

Short list this time around. Still, there is some good stuff there. Any suggestion about tracks I should check out? Post a comment and let me know!

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.