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ok, this post is a bit of a one off. I’m currently working on a new project, a project called MISMATCH. The idea has been sitting in my head for maybe a year or two now, but it’s only taken until recently to get my arse into gear and attempt to make this thing a reality.

Helping me get this thing started are two really amazing Melbourne based music writers. The first, Sabi, runs the inventively titled Sabi’s Aus Music Blog. She is also a superstar running her own publicity andĀ managementĀ org Maths and Magic. The other wonderful person helping out is Lauren from Electric Skeleton. She’s a really great writer and has a killer ear for good stuff.

So, anyway, Mismatch is going to be all about Melbourne based artists/djs/producers/everything else. It’s a mismatch (haha…geddit?!) of the various sounds that can be found right across Melbourne.

It would be wonderful if you could give the facebooks ( and the twitterzzz ( a follow.

The site is going to be launching super soon and we’re all pretty excited about it. Hopefully you people out there will be too!

And to finish, a Melbourne dude doing some crazy good production. SKINIMIN is part of the RaRaKIN hip-hop collective and does this teasing glitchtronica that still has quite a warm, and at times soul kinda feel. This is the kinda stuff that’s gonna get a run on Mismatch. That, and a whole heap of other amazing stuff.


we’re back

We’re back bitches!

Bigger and better.

Harder and stronger.

We got this funny lookin new header up. And we’ve taken up some of your advice too. Expect a few new things to hit the maamf fan in the next few weeks or so.

To the lovely peeps that actually bothered to do the survey, thank you. For a moment then, i actually thought no-one would fill the thing out. We’ve already acted on one’s advice and got rid of that bleeding eyes background. Gonna start doing a bit more tour/music news kinda posts too. Also, to those that said they’d be up for contributing to maamf, shoot us through an email and we’ll organise that stuff (

Gonna try and keep the posts daily too…and to get the momentum going, we got our first post going up in about an hour or so.

Dan Kelly – Hold On, I’m Coming On