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I fucking shouted it, much louder than I ever thought I knew my voice could go. Much bigger, louder, with this knowledge and acceptance.

Up until this point I had tolerated it. Now, I accept it.

It’s done. I’m down. Here in Melbourne, where it’s fucking cold but there’s amazing sights and great coffee at nearly every turn. And the site, the website that is, is changing and it’s all- everything’s a familiar new. Big generous helpings of everything you’ve come to expect, but all just sitting slightly different.

Full download available below, but if you just sitting at work/home/life looking for that next distraction/reason to live, you can stream ’em all too.

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A quick post as I slowly ease my way back into some sort of regularity.

Blank Realm are from Brisbane and tight but shambolic are probably the two best words you could use to describe them. Their latest track, ‘Falling Down The Stairs’ sounds just as the title suggests, but a really structured fall. Arms are still flying everywhere and you’re still struggling to hold the fuck on for dear life, but somehow, there’s still a level of control.

The track is taken from the band’s fourth album Grassed Inn, which is due out Jan 14 next year. Should be a goodun if this is anything to go by.