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fuck it’s good to see some local djs doing some mega cool shit. Like, it’s bloody awesome.

Melbourne kid Airwolf has put his electro/funk touch to a few tracks. And yes. Man!

First up, he’s done the two AEONS singles that they’ve got on their latest EP (Have you checked out that EP yet? Hope you have. Jump HERE is you missed it). He’s taken the clothes off Beyond The Satellites, touched it, and laid it down to rest a bit (Translation: He’s stripped it back, made it soar a little more). Really great remix. He’s also had his way with Where The Sky Meets The Sea. This is mean. No stripping here. If anything, he’s added clothes! Well…added layers. picked up the pace a little too. Bam!

AEONS – Beyond The Satellites (Airwolf Remix)

AEONS – Where The Sky Meets The Sea (Airwolf Remix)

Second. He’s sexily discofied DCUP‘s To Be In Love. Great remix and funks shit up!

DCUP – To Be In Love (Airwolf Remix)

look! up there in the sky!

Sydney kids Aeons are at it again. They’ve just finished their debut EP entitled Beyond The Satellites and expect it to explode…well…not actually explode coz that would be bad n shit. But you know, expect them to get big with this EP. (and before you ask, no i’m not calling them fatties.)

The dudes have a bit of a Presets sound in that it’s big, a little operatic, especially the title track. It also has this dirty kinda sound, especially with the effect at the end of the opening synth motif. And if that’s not enough, the EP has been produced by fellow Sydney kid super good producer Diamond Cut.

So what about this EP though… The title track is an obvious standout, purely because it lifts you up n shit. The other tracks are equally as sweet. There’s this big sense of familiarity about the EP which is definitely a good thing. Via Lactea seems to be an amalgamation (have always wanted to get that word in on maamf…) of their other work, but still manages to stand on it’s own two feet. The other track you probably haven’t heard, Raise Your Flag is almost a little Muse-ish. Still has some great synth lines…and it kinda rocks out!

You guys can grab the EP for FREE from their MySpace from June 18.

Anyway, check out the title track just below as well as a remix of Beyond The Satellites by another Sydney dude Frames.

AEONS – Where the Sky Meets the Sea

AEONS – Beyond the Satellites (Frames Vox Mix)