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nicholas basquiat 2

Say what you want about Australia, but our producers know how to slow and pitch a vocal sample. Women sounding like deep voiced men? We’ve got you. Men sounding like odd miniature people? Look, whatever you want. We have been practicing as a nation and we can deliver.

But this skill is a means and not an end, you’ve got to be going somewhere with it. OR perhaps not going anywhere in particular because you’ve got a sweet ride for the journey. Two options, choose wisely.

I think Nicholas Basquiat from Melbourne chooses the second option pretty wisely. Try his lead track ‘Close My Eyes‘, which is getting some good interest.

If that song isn’t a big old saloon vehicle lapping the city at 2am, then we just disagree.

He’s on a roll too. My own fave is ‘Hold Tight‘ – a big plush bus of a tune that cruises and gleams and is always, always driving.  When it plays I actually see a twilight road trip montage featuring said gleaming bus (you’re welcome future video clip director).  Pretty sure Beyonce’s ‘End Of Time’ supplies the fodder for the slowed vocal, but he’s flipped the vibe half a world away. It’s always weaving forwards, never rushing, never resolving. Look forward to 1:46 when it flicks up to fifth gear and gets all deep and flowing.

I’m no marketing mogul, but if I met this clever dude I’d probably end up trying to convince him to go by just Basquiat, make us more of these, and buy some kind of large vehicle to match his music. Then hold tight indeed.