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So whether you’re nursing an election hangover (get ready for another 3 years at least), or you’re one of those quiet ones who are slightly chuffed at last night’s results (you know what will happen right?), it’s my hope that this mixtape, although a little late, will help make your Sunday night. It’s a biggun, and features some rather stellar acts. Not many individual tracks for download this month I know (keeping it kool with the artists dudes), but hey, the mixtape itself is solid – maybe give that a download instead.

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Jack Reilly – It’s Too Late I’m Awake Already

Ta-ku – We Were In Love

Chet Faker – Melt feat Kilo Kash

Bec and Ben – White Wall (Right Click/Save As)

Money For Rope – Nova Pilota

Freak Wave – Deep Burn

Set Sail – Hey!

Cabins – Go To Sleep

Summer Flake – Blue

Seekae – Another

Chela – Romanticise (Collarbones Remix)

Black Vanilla – Dominatrix

Roland Tings – Tomitas Basement

Lower Spectrum – Heedless (Right Click/Save As)

Manor – Architecture

Full Ugly – Drove Down

Cypher – Liar (Right Click/Save As)




So this has been sitting in my iTunes for quite some time. I’ve been recently compiling my fave tracks of October ready for the next mixtape (hopefully should be up by the end of the week), and I forgot how great this track is. So much so, that I thought it should get it’s own little write-up.

Bec and Ben are a duo out of Sydney and they actually hit pretty fucking hard. They do that Kills style straight up rock and roll. There’s a minimalist feel to their stuff which I really dig. And there’s those two vocals.

You can download their track ‘This Is Why I Love You’ below. If you like, can I definitely recommend you head to their bandcamp and stream their EP Butterknives and Razorblades? Bloody fantastic EP title for a bloody fantastic band.

You should also order yourselves a limited edition copy of the EP and thank me when you get some of the coolest EP packaging you’ve ever seen.

DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)