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This is really really nice. Melbourne solo kid Fergus Miller, or better known to us as Bored Nothing, once again, is absolutely killing it. His third release, Bored Nothing III nails his sound once again, but with even better song writing. There’s a heap more variation in the tracks themselves – so much more shape and colour. It’s these things that make this EP one of my fave releases of the year so far.

Fergus is getting ready for a few shows too which is pretty exciting – will be good to see this lovely lo-fi sound live.

You can stream my fave tracks from the EP below. and if you dig, you can download the whole thing for free over on his Bandcamp page.



Ok, so this stuff is lovely. Bored Nothing is one dude, Fergus Miller from Melbourne town. He makes some really great, unassuming 90’s vibe indie and, at the risk of sounding like a complete and utter wanker, it makes me feel kinda nostalgic.

He released an EP a couple of weeks ago, which is all kinds of good. There are some definite brooding moments on there too – Pay For My Drugs is a highlight for me. But then there’s tracks like ‘Only Old’ which has gone a bit gangbusters lately.

Free download of the EP over on his bandcamp page – suggest you get this stuff into ya.



ok. Introducing FLWRGN (pronounced Flowergun). Two dudes (FLWR and GN) out of Sydney town doing some real killer epic vast electronic pieces. They’ve already got some JJJ play as well as a bit of love from Sydney station FBi.

The guys have just released a four track EP, Cable Management and is big, epic, soundscapey and glitchy.

You can grab the EP over on their Bandcamp page. We got a stream of lead single Haunted Milk just below.




Some almost dirty sounding grooves for your Friday morning.

Howl At The Moon are from Melbourne town and play some pretty exciting rock ‘n’ roll. The guys are set to launch two singles from their debut full length on Friday 4th November at The Old Bar in Fitzroy.

First single, Let The Mainsheet Down, My Love has an almost sludgy sounding verse. It sits and feels like it almost gets stuck in itself. Then that chorus kicks in, and the vocals lift it out. It’s actually quite a sweet track!

Second track, Sword-Fighting changes pace a little – cleaner sounding. This one’s a little more rollicking, kicks along a bit more – and that middle section, lifts it somewhere else.

We got both as a stream below and, if you like them, make sure you download them from their bandcamp page.

Howl at the Moon – Let the Mainsheet Down, My Love

Howl at the Moon – Sword-Fighting



Bon Chat, Bon Rat. We posted about these fellas a while ago, and got pretty excited.

They make kinda leftfield electronica pop songs. Nice stuff that is moody, but still makes you move.

The guys have a new track out called Blackbird. It’s a bit more straight up than their earlier stuff, but I think it’s gone even beatier and I kinda dig it heaps. The single also comes with remixes from Marseilles, Hugo Frederik and Collarbones. We got the title track as a stream below as well as the Collarbones remix – perhaps the best remix on the release (big call – they’re all pretty darn decent).

You can download the whole freakin thing on their Bandcamp page. YES!

Bon Chat, Bon Rat – Blackbird

Bon Chat, Bon Rat – Blackbird (Collarbones Remix)

Also check out the clip for the track – feels like it needs to be put up on a big projector screen. Love it.