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So, this is easily one of the better mixtapes I think I’ve put up here. It’s a bit more guitar based this one, with a bit of a lack of anything disco or tech, maybe apart from that KLP track. There’s also a little bit of incestuousness, with a couple of Chapter Music artists getting a bit of a look in. Then there’s soda eaves, the solo project of Jake Core of Hot Palms. And no, it’s not really a suprise that the newy from the Hot Palms fellas has made the tape, with his solo work proving a bit of an entree (albeit completely different in style). There’s also a whole heap of other excellent tracks, the tracks that I didn’t get time to post, but still make the grade.

So yeah, that’s it! You can download it below. Hopefully it’s nice and suave.

DOWNLOAD (RIght Click/Save As)


Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Vapour (Right Click/Save As)

Damn Terran – Lost (Right Click/Save As)

Dumb Blondes – Into The Light

Sagamore – I Had A Dream

sures – Waste

Wolf & Cub – I Need More

Darren Sylvester – Dream Or Something Like That

Pikelet – Pressure Cooker

Avaberee – Running Out (Right Click/Save As)

KLP – Down South (Right Click/Save As)

soda eaves – A Hundred Years To The Day

Hot Palms – Benny And The jets

Bad Dreems – Chills

Holy Holy – Impossible Like You

Going Swimming – Knackers

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Jackie Boy

Bitch Prefect – Drifting




Sterling_Silver_NHC_21_0048 Edit

So it’s a bit of a Wednesday post lunch rave time.

Sterling Silver (killer name) is that kind of bigroom dance stuff – think RAC and Empire of The Sun. His first official single, ‘End Up Like This’ nails that big part of the night (or Wednesday afternoon).


MAY ’13 MIX.


yikes. so this is kinda bumper. Like proper bumper. At 1hr and 17mins, it’s got everything you need to get nostalgic about the month just gone…or perhaps everything you need to play catch up on the month that’s just gone. Either way, it’s a solid mix.

And as a quick aside, turns out soundcloud only lets you upload 2hours worth of stuff until you have to start paying. So it’s back to the ugly wordpress player for this month.

DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)


Monone Alone – The Business World

Jen Cloher – Toothless Tiger

Gang Of Youths – A Sudden Light

Nick Van Breda – The World And The Everyday (Right Click/Save As)

Jimmy Tait – All My Friends

Prudence Rees-Lee – Morning

The Guppies – RSVP To My Funeral (Right Click/Save As)

Midnight Juggernauts – Memorium

George Maple – OPST

Oscar Key Sung – It’s Coming

Baptism Of Uzi – Stray Current (Right Click/Save As)

Movement – Feel Real

Lancelot – You’ll Never Be Mine

Jensen Interceptor & CSMNT61 – Angle of Incidence

Flight Facilities – I Didn’t Believe (Feat. Elizabeth Rose)

Du Tonc – Surging Memories

Willow Beats – Alchemy

The Townhouses – Diaspora (Japanese Wallpaper Remix)



ok, so there seems to be quite a few Sydney based soul influenced beat makers at the mo. Dro Carey, Chet Faker and this dude, Oliver Tank. Perhaps the most well known, Tank has had a bit of a prolific ride. He’s gotten some international play, had his track Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion used in Get Up’s most popular/viewed campaign and has finally released an EP, Dreams.

To help get the EP out there, Tank is doing a national(ish) tour.

Dates after the jump…and if you’re unsure about it, you can stream the EP here. And then, of course, if you like, make sure you buy the thing!

Oliver Tank – I Love You

Oliver Tank – Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion


Ben Salter

I’m loving Ben Salter‘s solo debut, The Cat. Member of several bands, including The Gin Club, he’s now showing what he can do alone on this 12-track solo LP which has been in the works one way or another for going on 10 years. The songs are beautifully written stories, with excellent melodies littered with little quirks that keep it interesting. Co-produced with Gareth Liddiard and Robert F Cranny the sound is really well done, capturing the rough edges perfectly and balancing out the clear melodies, but also leaving a nice amount of silence and space which means it’s not over-done.

I actually don’t really like the title track, ‘The Cat’, pretty much only because of the saxophone solo which I’ve tried to get past but just can’t do it… Favourite is probably ‘Opportunities’, which is pretty simple and straight forward but in Salter’s hands comes out sounding fresh and demanding repeat listens.

The whole album works really well though and is definitely best when taken the time to listen all the way through, including the hypnotising journey that is the seven minute ‘West End Girls’ and the beautiful closer, ‘Last Night I Dreamt I Was Chasing You’.

Stream it on bandcamp or order it on vinyl or CD there too…

Ben Salter – Opportunities



Super quick post because I think the track does all the talking….ok, well except for that bit I just wrote…and the bit i’m about to write.


Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra)


For me, this years Hottest100 was pretty disappointing. Only three of my top10 tracks got in. Pretty shocked in a way.

So, for those that missed the whole thing, Angus & Julia Stone got #1 with Big Jet Plane. Whilst I don’t hate Big Jet Plane, having them at number 1? REALLY?

For me, there were a few massive letdowns.

  • There was no The Holidays
  • There was no Cut Copy
  • There was no Beach House
  • Kanye didn’t even hit the top10!!
  • One of the best songs of the year Time To Wander by Gypsy & The Cat got in at #73

If you want to see the list for yourself, jump along to here. There were some good inclusions in there, but most of these were in the wrong half, and bands like Gorillaz didn’t even hit the top 30.

I know things like this are never going to please everyone, and I’m definitely not going to start hating on Triple J (I’ll hate on a fair few of their listeners though), but man, I thought last year was a pretty stellar year for music, and I’m genuinely surprised that The Holidays didn’t make it in. Like, really surprised.

But yes, the tracks I voted for are below. Gypsy & The Cat, Kanye and Yeasayer all made it in with the tracks below, but none hit the top 10 (Runaway got #14)

I suppose one of the big things is that I won’t stop listening to the JJJs. I love Zan’s show in the morning, always try and listen to Home & Hosed each weeknight, and have made a habit of listening to 2011 each Sunday night. And hell, I’m even listening to the J House Party thingy right now as I type. All of these shows put forward some pretty awesome music, a lot of it pretty new too. Richard Kingsmill is one of the best and most influential men in Aussie music, and programs like Unearthed, and even things like The One Night Stand that Triple J put on are really important for the whole of Australia and the music industry.

So yes, I guess I love the JJJs. Sure, some of the tracks they play aren’t my thing – if I hear another stadium rock band (Birds Of Tokyo etc), I may do something silly, but all in all, they’re perhaps the most important thing in the Australian music industry. That, and all the excellent local stations like 3RRR and FBi.

But yep. If I had it my way, here’s what I would’ve put as my top5. These aren’t necessarily my top 5 songs of last year, just my top 5 from the list that Triple J provides.

The Radio Dept. – Heaven’s On Fire

Dan Kelly – Hold On, I’m Coming On

Kanye West – Runaway (feat. Pusha T)

The Holidays – Broken Bones

Gypsy & The Cat – Time To Wander


courts of erin

ok. So I saw Sparkadia support Faker a few years ago, and just between you and me, they were just that bit better than Faker on the night.

Then they went quiet, had a bit of a lineup change (it’s ended up being a solo project for frontman Alex Burnett), moved over to the UK (East London to be exact) and came back with one massive track. That was, of course, Talking Like I’m Falling Down Stairs. That track went super big on Triple J, and rightly so. Classic pop song…and it’ll be interesting to see how it goes in the Hottest 100 next week too.

But today, now, as you read this very post, we got a new Sparkadia track. It’s called Mary. Like the Cosmo Black remix of the John Steel Singers we posted a little while ago,  it’s full of straight rhythms over swung vocals and vice versa. Gives it this effortless feel which I’m diggin once again. Sweet song. You can expect their second album on March 18th.

Sparkadia – Mary


So, no matter where you are in the world, you no doubt would have heard about the severe flooding in Queensland. Although maamf is based down here in Melbourne, you only need to turn on the tv, jump on twitter, login to facebook, turn on the radio, or simply talk to people around you to know that the floods are having a pretty dramatic effect on the whole state of Queensland. I spoke about this a little on my personal blog as well.

It’s really important to understand that much of Queensland is flooded, and 12 people have lost their lives. The Queensland capital Brisbane is also flooded. People are estimating that it will take close to two years to completely rebuild, although much of what was there will be lost forever.

This is having an effect on music venues too with both the Tivoli and The Zoo cancelling recent gigs. Seeing live music is the least of peoples worries now though.

Make sure you put forward your money to help those Queenslanders. You can donate to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal here, and if you so wish, the Queensland RSPCA is gathering together some money to help the many animals that have been left homeless. You can donate to that here.

This is something that has really had an effect on the whole of Australia. Please give, and for those Queenslanders, stay in there. The whole freaking country is behind you the whole way.

The Whitest Boy Alive – Courage