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the best thing about Australia would be…

…my two favourite bands (more on that later though). I’m going to be serious for a short moment – maamf is very rarely serious, so it’s only a once in a lifetime kind of thing!)

I’m not one for patriotism…in recent times, the Australian flag has been used in such a negative way that I actually cringe when I see people get off the train going to the Big Day Out draped in an Australian flag. You can only think of drunk bogans drinking on the train, the over the top ‘love for their country’ crap, as well as the hidden messages behind it all. There have been some horrible slogans created by some of these bogans who reckon that Australia is just for them. They actually forget that Australia is built on people coming here, we are full of many different people/cultures etc. And that’s what makes us us.

Anyway, whilst I’m not that much of a fan of what Australia Day conjures up on a mainstream-ish scale, I am a fan of the Hottest100 of course…although the winner was leaked a few days before! I’m also a fan of some of the great Australian artists, designers, writers, musicians. Two of my favourite bands are Australian actually.

Cut Copy are definitely favourites amongst the blogging community also. They’re just one of those bands that sound good, all the time. They’re a great live band. They’re also great doing a DJ set. They’re just awesome basically. And perhaps my favourite Cutters song is off their debut album Bright Like Neon Love. The track is Time Stands Still and you can check it just below.

Another fave band of mine would have to be Van She. These guys are also pretty massive in the blogging scene…but perhaps more so for their remixes under the Van She Tech moniker. Their debut, V is a fave of mine. And one of my favourite pop songs ever written is Kelly. Check that just below also.

Cut Copy – Time Stands Still

Van She – Kelly

K. That’ll do the ramble for now