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Club NME Australia

For those locals out there, you may know what NME is. Some call it the British music bible. Other’s call it utter crap. I get it occasionally and only try to believe half the hype that’s included. They’re not just a magazine though. I think they have a radio station and I’m sure they do TV stuff too…so it’s kind of like what Triple J is to Australia. But one thing Triple J doesn’t do is run gigs.

Club NME has been running in the UK for 6 years, with one of the recent ones featuring Memory Tapes. It’s also been running in the US for a bit also. But now it’s Australia’s turn. Yep. Australia gets Club NME and some awesome locals are gonna help kick it off. Philadelphia Grand Jury (or the Philly Jays as their perhaps more commonly known) are one of those bands that sound as though their in massive command of the Aussie independent music industry. Their debut album Hope Is For Hopers is still getting a few rotations on ze ipod too. I very stupidly chose Bridezilla over Philly Jays at Laneway and i’m regretting it (nothing against Bridezilla though mind you). But with Club NME, i’m able to redeem my ways.

Later on this month Club NME is hitting Brisvegas, Melbournetown and Sin City. Sound like it’ll be a bit of fun, especially with support from some great DJ’s including Yacht Club DJs, Purple Sneaker’s DJs, and Andy Rourke from The Smiths (!).

Check out the Yacht Club DJ’s remix of The Good News by the Philly Jays just below as well as the dates of Club NME Australia.

Brisbane: Thursday 25th Feb @ Empire Hotel (w. Velociraptor) – tix from OzTix

Melbourne: Friday 26th Feb @ The HiFi Bar (w. Love Connection) – tix from The HiFi Bar Website

Sydney: Saturday 27th Feb @ Manning Bar (w. Tennis) – tix from Moshtix and Manning Bar Website

Philadelphia Grand Jury – The Good News (Yacht Club Djs Remix)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now