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There’s something about this vid that kinda takes you unawares. It’s not serious music – the band are serious, but the song sounds silly and fun. And yet the clip is more than just silly and fun. Sweets are in on the secret. Straight up in Annabelle Tunley’s face is this self-awareness, this realisation at the awkwardness of the dancing etc. But still absolutely OWNING that awkwardness.

‘Swagger’ is the first taste from Sweets, which is essentially Annabelle’s project (with the help of  George Weis and Peter Emptage). You might recognise Annabelle – she is also part of that ace vocal trio Aluka, who released an excellent album earlier on this year.

If you’re keen also, then Sweets are launching the single at The Workers Club on Sunday night with support coming from Martin King and Hollie Joyce. Details here.




Ok, so here we are. All ready and back and stuff. Before I get into the much delayed April mixtape, just wanted to say thanks for hanging around, those of you that did. The love on the facebook page was great. I needed this time off for various reasons, and although the fact that I’m back doesn’t mean I’m going to be posting everyday, things will be a little more regular.

Ok, so enough of that. Below is a pretty bumper mix of my fave tracks from April. Given the time delay, I thought I should add in a fair few tracks, so the mix is a full 17 tracks long. As with every month, you can stream it and download it below, and I’ve also included some of the tracks as free download. 


Brightly – Fox

Lanark – Able Oust (Right Click/Save As)

Private Life – Mine (Right Click/Save As)

Owl Eyes – Nightswim (Collarbones Remix)

Cherax Destructor – ❤ (Right Click/Save As)

James X. Boyd – Brunswick Street Junkies

China Doll – She Don’t Need To Know (Right Click/Save As)

Aluka – Cave

The Model School – Purple AM Radio (Right Click/Save As)

DEJA – Still Falling (Right Click/Save As)

Jagwa Ma – Man I Need (white label version)

Footy – Mobile Cemetery

Ngaiire – Dirty Herc

Great Earthquake – Do. Make (Right Click/Save As)

Jeremy Neale – In Stranger Times (Feat. Go Violets)

Super Wild Horses – Running With Wolves

Max Savage – Oh Darling (Right Click/Save As)





So, this is pretty exciting. Maamf is lucky enough to be able to debut the making of vid for one of the tracks from Aluka‘s debut full length, Space alongside a whole heap of other excellent blogs. The track we’ve got is track 9, ‘Street’. Tomorrow, make sure you check out the rad All I Do Is Listen as they premier another making of vid.

Perhaps the best thing about Aluka is that sure they’re an experimental vocal pop group, but it’s still all quite accessible and definitely not alienating. The album itself was released a couple of days ago (April 5th) and was recorded and produced by the excellent Nick Huggins, who has worked with Oscar + Martin, Kid Sam etc. The guys vary it up with their sounds (yep, that is possible with just vocals) as well as the stories that they tell. You can also hear the various locations reflected in both the stories and sounds too (each song was recorded in a unique location across their home state of Victoria). It’s a small bit wanky a concept, but my gosh does it work.

The girls are going to be doing a run of dates in support of the album. Make sure you check ’em out. They’re heaps talented, and also heaps funny (as the clip suggests).

Album Launch Tour

Thursday 11th April- Camelot Lounge, Sydney
Friday 12th April- Salamanca Art Centre, Hobart
Wednesday 17th April- Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Sunday 21st April- Nexus Art Centre, Adelaide
Friday 3rd May- Uniting Church of Northcote, Melbourne 

Buy tickets:




Wow. I could listen to this all day. This is easily one of the loveliest songs I’ve heard in quite some time.

Tomas Strode & The Tour Guides are responsible for making me feel pretty warm and fuzzy and contemplative this afternoon. What a freakin great start to the week.

Their new single ‘Broken Road’ features the excellent girls from Aluka – those vocal harmonies add this beautiful extra level of warmth that, in my eyes/to my ears, make the track. I’m actually sitting at my desk kind of wanting to cry.

You can download the track for free below, and if you dig, make sure you check out their other stuff on their soundcloud.

The bands debut full length Graceful Mistake is due out later this year.

If you’re in Melbourne, make sure you check out the guys launch the single at The Workers Club on Wed 27th March.



Ok, so slowly we’re getting back on track. This here is the October Mixtape, chockablock full of my fave tunes of October. Some absolute stunners in here – the Lower Spectrum EP was one I kept on coming back to, as was Tame Impala‘s record, Collarbones‘s second full length, as well as the Love Migrate disc. Then there were those big massive tracks – that Hermitude remix of Presets‘ ‘Ghosts’. MY GOSH.

All of the tracks are pretty excellent…and I think it’s one of the better tapes so far.

DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As


Aluka – Keep My Cool (Oscar Key Sung Remix)

DCUP – I’m Corrupt

Jordan F – Down For The Count

Flume – Holdin On

The Corsairs – Everlasting Youth

Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Collarbones – Die Young (Ft. HTML Flowers)

Lower Spectrum – Blind Light

Lowlakes – Cold Company

Total Control – Scene From A Marriage

Flight Facilities – Clair de Lune (Ft. Christine Hoberg)

The Presets – Ghosts (Hermitude Trapped in Heaven Remix)

Love Migrate – I Want You To Mend




Ok, so Aluka are a Melboune a-cappella crew. And you know what, that shouldn’t scare you as much as it first scared me.

Although these guys aren’t signed with Two Bright Lakes, they’re definitely putting forward that experimental delicate pop sound that that label is known for. So much so that producer extraordinaire, Nick Huggins lent his hand to the bands debut album, due out next year.

Below we got so much stuff for you. First off is a stream of new single ‘Keep My Cool’. Pure vocals with some decent harmonies and vocal tricks. It’s got this really tight structure to it which I really love.

Next up is a remix from none other than Oscar Key Sung. This guy seems to do no wrong! Featuring some of Oscar’s own vocals on top, it kinda takes away the intensity of the original, instead replacing it with this level of introspection. Such a nice take on a track.

Finally, the clip for the track. This has been doing the rounds for a little bit, and is so kinda half daggy that it’s cool.