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Exclusive (not actually).

You’ll never guess which 90’s/early 2000’s electro-punk STAR is back, all grown up and ready to…

well, do some country-styled acoustic stuff that’s probably just what you need for you Sunday morn.

Darren Cross was a member of Gerling, a band that was incredibly important in my musical awakening. ‘Enter Space Capsule’ was one of my first CD’s, and Gerling  actually helped me ease my way into appreciating electronic music.

Now though, Darren has gone a little alt-country. You might have seen the Jep and Dep project he’s got going with Jessica Cassar. The solo stuff is similar, albeit, slightly more introspective.

‘Slings and Arrows’ feels familiar in it’s structure, but there’s a sense of almost despair in this. It’s captured beautifully with Darren’s guitar work, and his voice carries the track in a way that doesn’t overwork it. It was actually written whilst Darren was driving through Nashville last year. You can hear that influence pretty clearly.

‘Slings and Arrows’ is taken from Darren’s debut solo EP No Damage which should be out in August.




I’m fascinated by the idea of taste/style and age. Part of what I’m doing for my research focusses very specifically on musical tastes and how age (‘youth’ in particular) influences what people are into and what they choose to create. There’s been a push, at least within some academic circles, towards understanding how ageing ties into tastes. And why some genre’s and sounds perhaps resonate more with older populations.

So, as I push on in age, my embracement of Americana and alt-country is getting further towards an all-time high. And so, it’s today that I present the new clip from Sink Ships, a collection of two Australian’s, two Dane’s and a Swede. Principal songwriter and front man is Melbourne fella Carl Coleman who’s now residing in Copenhagen. The clip we have just below is for the latest single ‘Easier To Stay’, lifted from the bands’ debut self titled full-length from last year (purchase here).

Seems to suit a lazy Thursday morn. Also seems to suit my age.




It’s always great to know that there are local guys who are doing incredible things o.s.

Sink Ships is the project of Carl Coleman, a dude originally from Melbourne but who relocated over to Copenhagen a couple of years ago. Carl has joined forces with another Australian as well as a Swede and two local Danes. And although I must say I don’t know a lot about the music scene in Denmark, it seems that these guys are doing alright for themselves, having supported Cass McCombs and The Field in the past.

After spending a considerable time going through the bands’ other songs, I’m constantly struck not just by that lush warm sound that the band manage to convey, but also the intricacies of some of the guitar lines and Carl’s vocals. Carl manages to manoeuvre between the smooth clean vocal tones and that dark gravelly tone with a real sense of ease.

You can check out the clip for their latest track ‘Offered Your Hand’ below. It’s the first official taste of the guys debut album due out later on this year. I’ve also included a couple of other tracks from their EP of last year Half The Boy.