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Alpha Romeo Artwork Front

So occasionally, I like to profile some of the stuff from Australian’s currently located os. High High‘s were one of those bands. Sink Ships another. And hell, I’d even lump the recently relocated¬†Gang Of Youths into that list too.

Well, now we got MT (or Many Things in longform), now based over in London.

As soon as this started to play, it reminded me of a couple of years back. I think everyone and their dog loved the band that was Yves Klein Blue. The Brissie outfit only had one album, but it was much played and much loved. They had a fucking great knack for a killer pop song.

Well, MT is the work Michael Tomlinson, the lead singer of YKB. The new single, ‘Alpha Romeo’ is a little bit more POP than the YKB work, but man, it still kills. Straight up hooks galore pop here.