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oh mate. it’s always good when new labels start up. especially those that are artist run and support local scenes.

Format Records have just started up proper in Adelaide. You may have heard about the Format guys before – they’ve put on a coupla fests in the past and curated a stage at Adelaide Laneway this year.

Their first release as part of a label is the debut full length from WIREHEADS, a rad Adelaide band featuring members of Old Mate, Bruff Superior, Big Richard Insect and Doe. The album is gonna be called The Late Great and will be due out sometime in May.

The first taste is ‘The Way It Is’, which you can stream below. If you dig your slacker vibe punk style, then WIREHEADS might be up your alley. ‘The Way It Is’ features your normal band get up, but comes complete with a little flute and some violin for your earholes. It’s a mix that on paper seems suspect, but mate, it’s actually pretty fuckin’ good.



bad cop 2

This is not the first time we’ve used a Lorde ‘Tennis Court’ rework as an excuse to flag someone we’ve had our eye on. It’s the first time I have personally, but two is absolutely our quota, so everyone stop with all Lorde stuff now. We’re all used up thanks to Bad Cop.

Mario the Adelaidian is behind it, and while most of his scant press refers to his noisy production, the special sauce I’m hearing are the hooks. The kind of lean, punchy pop hooks and elegant structures that good radio loves to eat up. Case in point is the recent ‘Brontosaurus‘ blowup, though it would appear that Tkay is getting most of that heat and Bad Cop is keeping his head down.

The justification for posting this one is that I like him and this is his latest. But conveniently it also highlights my point. I find it more infectious than the original, and more mature than just showoff laptop trickery. The drop moves with restraint, and the little mutes, stutters and twisted samples fit together carefully in catchy phrases. I was caught by the catchiness. Take that, english teachers of my past.

Even if you’re well past Lorde saturation point, this one may get under your skin. Consider how that’s no mean feat.




New jam from Bitch Prefect makes me feel all melancholy and stuff. With a clip that really suits the style of the song, it just kills me. ‘Better Next Time’ is the b-side to the dude’s new 7″ for their ace track ‘Adelaide’. Both tracks are taken off the bands new album Bird Nerds, although apparently that won’t be out for quite some time yet.

Anyway, enjoy the clip. It features the beautiful Footscray (near where I grew up!).

Also got a stream of the a-side ‘Adelaide’.





So when you combine some of the best beat makers in the country, you get Black Vanilla. And fuck me sideways, it’s bloody good. If that sleazy darkish beattronica style r’n’b is your thing, then, well, get sum black vanilla inta ya. 

The three piece consist of Marcus from Collarbones, Guerre, and DJ Plead aka. Jarred Beeler. The first single, ‘Call Your Husband’ comes from a mixtape the guys are putting out on August 1 called Black On Black On Black. There is also a three date tour on the cards too, with Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney gettin’ a lookin – deets below.

Black Vanilla – Black On Black On Black launch deets.

August 8 Goodgod Small Club, Sydney (w/ Major Napier, King Tears Mortuary, East River, B. Deep)

August 9 Ghost Ships, Adelaide (w/ Guerre, Oisima, Strict Face, Cyst Impaled)

August 10 Gasometer Upstairs, Melbourne (w/ Golden Blonde, Angel Eyes) 





Brand newy from Adelaide gents Messrs. Doing that live indie dance vibe pretty well, these guys know their way around a killer pop song too.

The guys are launching their new single Running Wild with a fair few shows around the country – dates here.



Adelaide boys Wolf & Cub are back with a freakin great new single, ‘Salao’. Some swaggering sing-a-long 60s vibe rock’n’roll.

The fellas are set to launch their new album next year. Pretty keen! You can grab the single over on iTunes or bandcamp.



For a band that’s only been going for a short while, Manor have got a bit of a killer sound downpat. From Adelaide, the duo remind me a fair bit of Beach House (which is a very very good thing).

For me, I think it’s the swoon factor. Although the instrumentation in their first single Rhodesia is kinda simple, there is still this feeling that washes over you, especially at the 1:30 mark.

This is kinda blissful. You can stream the track just below and if you dig, make sure you grab it on iTunes. The guys are currently working on a debut LP due out some time 2012.




yep. what a good name! Snapdragons is one dude, Ben Ferguson from Radelaide. I actually first heard of this dude a while ago – back in Feb. He sent me one of his original tracks, called Miracles which I kind of liked. Never got round to posting though.

But, a more recent track of his, or should I say remix, is that of Boy & Bear’s absolutely massive song Mexican Mavis. From what I hear Boy & Bear are doing some good things os, so for Snapdragons to touch a track by them was definitely a good move.

That, and the remix is also really good. Bit more straight up than the more diy/drum machine sounding Miracles. I like the original track, but it was never a fave of mine. Boy & Bear, to me are a little too much like Mumford & Sons which I don’t like a whole heap. Mexican Mavis is a well written, well crafted song though. And what I think is good about the remix is the fact that he’s seen that and hasn’t messed around with it too much. The vocals suit his remix perfectly, especially that little cut up vocal riff that ends up being the main kind of riff throughout.

Anyway, you can check it out down below.

moment in a streetcar

ok. This dropped in the inbox the other day with the words “Here’s a track for you that’s not on Modular or Bang Gang”. Bloody relieved too! Don’t get me wrong, even though i did say that i’m going to (try) and do less posts on bands/acts that aren’t on Modular or Bang Gang, it was just a relief to see that there is some good indie electro disco (whatever other genre you want to include) that isn’t on the two aforementioned labels.

Get Stellar are from Radelaide. And you know what? I’m ok with that. The Swiss are from Adelaide too so I’m starting to come around to it. Albeit a little tiny bit slowly. Anyway, these guys put this really funky bass line into their track The Moment. It get’s a little slap (think Seinfeld theme) at parts too which just ups the funky to 11 or whatever the disco/funk equivalent is. The other thing I really like about this track is the vocals. They’re not amazing, but they just work. It seems as though a lot of this disco electro stuff shies away from vocals. These dudes do it well.

Anyway, check em out. There’s also some pretty great remixes that come along with the track. My fave would have to be the Def Starr Remix. GLOVES also does one too…but I think the Def Starr remix just tips it at the post. Big call I know…and I’m sorry GLOVES.

Get Stellar – The Moment (Extended Edit)

Get Stellar – The Moment (Def Starr Remix)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now

my rabbit is black

cosmo black

well…i use to have a rabbit. and it was black. and it’s name was cosmo.

It just so happens that I got sent a track by a fella called Cosmo Black. This dude’s from Melbourne/Radelaide and he produces pretty nice electro kinda stuff. The single And Repeat is set to be released in October. It’s a pretty decent little number, complete with the handclaps, that thumping dirty bass line and some awesome ‘lifting’ (wank word anyone??!!) synth work over the top.

Anyway, you should check out his MySpace page to get an idea of what he’s all about. There’s some pretty diverse stuff on there, it’s not all just thumping dirty bass stuff. Some great chilled sounding stuff too – MonkeyMan is kinda AIR-ish. (I LOVE AIR).

Anyway, here’s the track AndRepeat. Check this dude out when he tours in October also

Cosmo Black – And Repeat

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.