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getting technologically happy

ok. So this isn’t exactly a post about new music. It does however have a track that I am loving at the moment. Jonathan Boulet is a young dude from Sydney who has just signed to MAAMF’s favourite, Modular Records. The track, Community Service Announcement has an awesome video, even being raved on about by…Ima let you finish, but I’m a little bit of a wanker man. What’s best about the original, and this remix done by the awesome Album Leaf, is that it makes me happy. It makes me glad to write a music blog and makes me think how using technology can make people happy, or in some cases can help make people happy again.

Some of you guys who actually know me will know that for a while I did quite a bit of work for an organisation called The Inspire Foundation. These guys started off as a suicide prevention based thing about 15 years ago, but now it’s extended it’s reach to simply helping young people get happy. Not in some happy clappy religious way. They’re actually committed to benefiting the lives of young people, and the majority of the dudes and dudettes that work there are young people too. They’re also an internet based organisation, and their main aim is to use technology to better the lives of young people. Pretty simple premise right?!

Getting serious for a tiny bit though. One of the biggest problems ,in Australia at least, is the suicide rate. Especially of young guys (Australia has one of the highest suicide rates for young guys in the world). One of the things that, in my opinion, has been missing from the discussion of young people and mental health is why you get more women reporting that they’re feeling shitty but more guys taking their own lives. It’s only until recently with the worldwide push of things like Movember, that people have thought more about men and their health.

Inspire are in the process of adding to this discussion. In partnership with the Brain & Mind Research Institute at Sydney Uni, The Matespeak survey was launched a little while ago. It only takes you about 15 mins to do and asks question about you using technology and how it helps you out in the not so great times. It’s only open to peeps in Australia though, so sorry international people! If you are outside Australia though but know an Aussie young person (generally aged between 16 and 24), feel free to send them the link. Likewise, if you’re in Australia and know other young peeps, feel free to send them the link. Also, it’s not gender specific. If you’re female, do it too. But remember to tell your boyfriend, brother, cousin, other fella friends.

You can access the survey at Please do it guys. This is something really important.

And that track! Check it out and tell me you don’t feel a little bit happier after listening to it. See! Told you technology could help make you happy :p

Jonathan Boulet – A Community Service Announcement (The Album Leaf Remix)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.