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Nope, not some name of some band. Instead, it’s indeed literal. MAAMF is taking a small bit of a break. Plan is to be back first week of June, and I’ll be sure to have a whole heap of content up then including a much delayed April Mixtape, the May Mixtape as well as a few other little goodies.

I won’t bore you with why I need the time off, coz quite frankly, it’s pretty boring.

See you in June!!



ok, this post is a bit of a one off. I’m currently working on a new project, a project called MISMATCH. The idea has been sitting in my head for maybe a year or two now, but it’s only taken until recently to get my arse into gear and attempt to make this thing a reality.

Helping me get this thing started are two really amazing Melbourne based music writers. The first, Sabi, runs the inventively titled Sabi’s Aus Music Blog. She is also a superstar running her own publicity and management org Maths and Magic. The other wonderful person helping out is Lauren from Electric Skeleton. She’s a really great writer and has a killer ear for good stuff.

So, anyway, Mismatch is going to be all about Melbourne based artists/djs/producers/everything else. It’s a mismatch (haha…geddit?!) of the various sounds that can be found right across Melbourne.

It would be wonderful if you could give the facebooks ( and the twitterzzz ( a follow.

The site is going to be launching super soon and we’re all pretty excited about it. Hopefully you people out there will be too!

And to finish, a Melbourne dude doing some crazy good production. SKINIMIN is part of the RaRaKIN hip-hop collective and does this teasing glitchtronica that still has quite a warm, and at times soul kinda feel. This is the kinda stuff that’s gonna get a run on Mismatch. That, and a whole heap of other amazing stuff.



ok. So I guess it’s time to come clean. Divulge it all.

This here blog is actually just written by one person, not one dude and all his friends. That person would be me (obviously), Miks. Although some would say then that the title of this blog is just a tiny bit misleading, I would say, shut the hell up. Yeah.

Nah, actually, I would kinda agree with you, but then argue that my music taste is so eclectic that I feel as though i’m reflecting the taste of a group of people, not just one person. And to be serious, that was the intention all along. I have a pretty darn eclectic music taste and the name Me, and All My Friends suited it.

I have occasionally had a few mates post (Alikitti, JL, and Nath – thanks dudes), but this has been so rare, and not regular at all. Alikitti has done a few posts and JL and Nath have done one each.

Hopefully this truth telling will mean no more emails saying ‘Hope you and all your friends dig my new track.’

It’ll probably just lead to people emailing me saying ‘Hope you dig my new track. PS. I always knew it was just you.

There was another point to this post though. As well as posting a killer track, and the startling revelation above, I’m also putting a call out for ‘friends’. Not actual friends, but writers, contributors, etc. As I said a few posts ago, I started a new job a while ago and finding the time to post regularly is becoming harder and harder.

What I’m after ideally is one or two extra writers that can help share the load. I’d love to keep the blog up to one post a day, but I know how hard that can be. Even if people post once a fortnight, it’s still a help. So, what you can do is either email me directly ( @ or you can fill in the tiny form below.

First up though, the track. Although I haven’t posted that regularly of late, I have gone on a bit of a download and purchasing spree. One of the albums I’ve bought recently has been Seekae’s newy +DOME. It’s still growing on me (it’s a bit diff to their debut), but one of the standout tracks would have to be Gnor. You can stream that one down below.

Seekae – Gnor



So, no matter where you are in the world, you no doubt would have heard about the severe flooding in Queensland. Although maamf is based down here in Melbourne, you only need to turn on the tv, jump on twitter, login to facebook, turn on the radio, or simply talk to people around you to know that the floods are having a pretty dramatic effect on the whole state of Queensland. I spoke about this a little on my personal blog as well.

It’s really important to understand that much of Queensland is flooded, and 12 people have lost their lives. The Queensland capital Brisbane is also flooded. People are estimating that it will take close to two years to completely rebuild, although much of what was there will be lost forever.

This is having an effect on music venues too with both the Tivoli and The Zoo cancelling recent gigs. Seeing live music is the least of peoples worries now though.

Make sure you put forward your money to help those Queenslanders. You can donate to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal here, and if you so wish, the Queensland RSPCA is gathering together some money to help the many animals that have been left homeless. You can donate to that here.

This is something that has really had an effect on the whole of Australia. Please give, and for those Queenslanders, stay in there. The whole freaking country is behind you the whole way.

The Whitest Boy Alive – Courage