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What We Thought: VIVID LIVE Sydney.

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ok. So, above are some of the pics taken on both Friday and Sunday nights up at VIVID Live in Syds town. We had a pretty darn good time up in Sydney town and man, partying around the Opera House was something pretty spesh.

First up on Friday night we caught Softwar, The Swiss, Beni, Azari & III and Bag Raiders. To get there and it be already be pumping despite the lack of peeps of ze floor was something. Softwar put in a pretty decent set. Then it was The Swiss…and man, I can see what people have been talking about. For me, I don’t usually get out to the clubs…it’s usually the live indie stuff that I check out live. But man, The Swiss were amazing.

The Swiss – 

The Swiss – Soap Opera

We took some time out then, caught the tail end of Beni’s set and then it was time for the main reason I was there. Canadian’s Azari & III. Yikes. They did this live set that blew me away a fair bit. They two guys that head them up are darn good performers – real stage presence. Indigo easily got the most feet moving.

Azari & III – Indigo

Then it was Bag Raiders turn…and to be honest, they were good, but yeah, I think we were kinda knackered by then.

Sunday night was Architecture in Helsinki night. And, i’m just gonna put it out there now, but their gig was perhaps one of the greatest gigs I’ve ever seen. There. I said it. I definitely wasn’t expecting it either. As is the perils of writing a review nearly a week after the gig, I can’t tell you exactly what tracks they played, but I can tell you that man, Cameron and Kellie can sing. And they’re all super talented musos.

So, the definite highlight for me was Heart It Races. An oldie, but man they pulled it out at the exact right time. Just before they left the stage before their encore, the guys played Heart It Races. It was the most psyched I’ve been at a gig in ages. Absolutely ages. It built and built and built until everyone was on their feet losing their absolute shit. And then for the encore they finished off with Contact High, which was bloody great.

Architecture In Helsinki – Heart It Races

Anyway, that’s been a pretty crap review I know. Really should’ve gotten this up earlier…


Boogie 5!

Boogie 5 took place on Bruzzy’s Farm in Tallarook on the weekend and what a fun time it was! It was yours truly’s first time and I loved every minute.

There were lots of random happenings which made a sort of “create-your-own-festival” vibe. From dancing up a storm in the cabin at the top of hill, to Money for Rope playing a secret gig behind the dam, to the madness of the Shed, there were all sorts of fun things to be found.

Musical highlights for me were The Felice Brothers who were absolutely phenomenal and Graveyard Train who got the whole crowd going and brought the house down when they came on to do ‘Bit by a Dog’ as an encore. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Barbarian, mostly because they were absolutely terrifying, or as one friend described it “they raped my mind and ejaculated into every story I’ve told.”

It was a beautifully run festival with lots of kids activities too which made for a fun atmosphere. Boxwars especially got much more entertaining when the kids took over and started smashing the crap out of each other! The food was delicious, drinks not too expensive and it was amazing to have a nice warm building to retreat to when it all just got too cold at night.

Looking forward to Boogie 6!

The Felice Brothers – Frankies Gun!



Thanks to FASTERLOUDER for the pic.

ok, so this is nearly a week late sure, but you know what? I got there. Took me ages, but I got there.

Laneway Festival last weekend was killer. The venue is amazingo, and man, that lineup…jeepers. When I reviewed last years, I wrote something along the lines of it being a music bloggers wet dream. Well, this years was more like I actually meant to do it, not any of this of crap, look at the mess I’ve made during my sleep. This years was more like, let’s make more mess and stay awake and do some more.

Ok, so enough of the wank talk.

The first band we saw was The Holidays. We actually missed Buchanan due to the whole floods thing that happened last weekend. Took us a little longer to get to the venue. Pissed off I missed Buchanan, but glad I caught some of The Holidays set. If these guys were to play in a few years time at Laneway, I think their set would be mid afternoon, not one of the openers. No secret about my love for the guys, they’re album of last year made my top 10, and Broken Bones was one of my fave tracks from last year. They’re gonna get heaps big me thinks. Live, they’re really solid. I remember remarking to my mate that they’re heaps tighter than the last time we saw them (supporting Bluejuice early last year). Band on ze rise me thinks.

After Holidays, we caught some of World’s End Press. Same with Holidays, I reckon these guys will be closing a stage in a few years time. But that’s more because they’re stuff suits a bit more of a late night thing. Watching they’re pretty darn stellar disco indie stuff at 1 in the afternoon was kinda strange. But man, they do rock it live. I’d heard things about these boys, and now I know it’s true. Definitely a band that will be up there with Cutters and Juggers as big amazing Aussie bands doing big amazing things os.

World’s End Press – Faithful

From World’s End Press we went a little dark. PVT were good. But I dunno, there seemed to be something lacking from their set. I like them, but to be honest, I only have their last album. They were good, but yeah, something lacking. We left these guys and saw a tiny bit of Jenny and Johnny. These guys were pretty great. Indie guitar pop lovey dovey shit. But it’s good.

Until then, the bands were good, but if I went home at that point, I wouldn’t have been that happy with it all. The bands were all really good, but I didn’t have that moment where you go home thinking man, let’s not ever forget that.

Then we saw Beach House. To say that they were good, well, man. They were in my top three of the day, easily. Maybe 2nd best. Victoria is one of those indie goddess babes that you only think about seeing live. Teen Dream was massive here – made #2 on my albums list. Everything about them was great. I remember thinking ‘man, this is swoons galore’. supes was. Tracks like Zebra and Norway definitely helped the swooning.

Beach House – Norway

After Beach House, things got interesting. The intention was to go an check out Blonde Redhead, but they had swapped spots with Holy Fuck. So we decided to stay at this stage and check out Two Door Cinema Club. I wasn’t that fussed on these guys before Laneway. They can write some amazing pop songs, but they didn’t really do it for me. That, and I was sceptical about them live. Their songs are so quick and tight that I thought they wouldn’t be able to pull it all off. I was mistaken though. After a massive wait (40mins and missing out on Holy Fuck) and seeing the crowd go crazy apeshit, they actually pulled it off damn well. It still lacked something for me though. But that probably says more about my music snobbery than anything else.

Next up was Yeasayer. We were towards the back for these guys, so I think I missed out on the best parts, but tracks like O.N.E., Madder Red and Ambling Alp were all massive, and tight and killer. After those dudes we managed to check out a tiny bit of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, and man, gold pants? Really? I didn’t get these guys at all.

Then it was off to check out Blonde Redhead in their later timeslot. These guys were easily the surprise of the day. I knew they had good songs, but wow. They were tight as hell, had that super loud wall of sound thing going on, and well, then there’s the songs. Pop song perfection these guys are. So glad I was these guys.

Blonde Redhead – Spring And By Summer Fall

And then there was Cutters.

Although their set incorporates a bit of techy stuff (I love tech, but I think I love In Ghost Colours so much that it skews what I hear just a bit), they were solid. They even had a door onstage, which although it was a little wanky, kinda worked. People thought that the only reason they had it on stage was so that they could enter the stage that way (mind you, the door was front and centre). They did enter the door that way, and you could tell that even they thought it was a little funny. But then, man, that door had some magic powers or something. It moved around, they’re were images on it, it was it’s own little light show. It was having a party. And so were we (bad segue anyone?!). I love Cutters and probably will until I die. Anything they do, I love (and I’m sure i’ll love Zonoscope after a few more listens).

Out There On The Ice seems to be nearly everyone’s favourite track of there’s. Don’t even think it’s was released as a single, but they always pull it out live.  I loved them. Can’t say it enough.

Cut Copy – Out There On The Ice

All in all, it was pretty darn good. Food didn’t run out also which was a good thing. Bring on next year. The guys always put on a great festival.

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival – Melbourne 30/01/10

ok. Laneway Festival was a festival I’d been looking forward to for quite a while. I hadn’t been before, and after the much publicised ‘outcry’ about last year, it was great to see it moved to the nice open Footscray Community Arts Centre. The lineup itself was impressive. I remember writing a while ago that it was a music bloggers ‘wet dream’ or something along those lines…and I think I was kinda right. There were some bands I wish I saw, but I’m really glad I did see the bands that I did.

Local fellas Oh Mercy were first up, playing on the river stage. They did a nice solid set. Tracks like “Seemed Like A Good Idea” (which was introduced as something about sleeping with cousins…) and Can’t Fight It were big standouts. Nice indie pop for what was a pretty warm afternoon.

Next up, we headed over to the carpark stage to check out Portland, Oregan based Hockey. When I first started writing this blog, these guys were one of the first bands I really discovered. I’ve only just bought their album though…and that was purely due to how bloody impressive they were at Laneway. They got into it massively. Great electro pop. Work was a definite standout, as well as Song Away. They played a pretty short set, but it was sweet. Short and sweet…get it?

After Hockey, we walked up the bridge to the Moreland Street stage to check out another local band, Bridezilla. One of the dudes I went with argues that everything sounds better with ‘Zilla’ at the end of it…and well…i’m not too sure if that fits. Bridezilla are an interesting band – One vocalist/guitarist/keys player, another guitarist, a violinist, a saxophonist, and a drummer. Interesting sound, and they are all mega mega mega talented ladies…and man (the drummer is a dude, the rest are girls). I’m just not sure if it’s my kinda sound. My friend loves them, we both checked them out a few months ago supporting Decoder Ring…and I think they improved from then. Maybe it’ll take me a few listens before I get into them.

Next up, we got some food. There was such a surge for Mumford & Sons that we decided to give them a miss…although we did check out the end of their set…after they blew a speaker! They were ok. Not sure if the festival experience was the best way to see them though. Next up, it was a toss up between Sarah Blasko and The XX. I went for Sarah Blasko. I’m not that much of a fan of The XX…sound a little too depressing for me. I like Sarah Blasko. She’s got a good voice and all that…but her songs kinda sound the same. To me, they just don’t stand out. I’ve heard only good reviews about The XX though, so maybe I got it wrong on that one.

Fifth on the list was one of my favourite bands, Midnight Juggernauts. I was freakin excited when these guys were announced…and only a day before the gig! Echo & The Bunnymen lead singer Ian McCulloch missed his flight…so Juggers were announced as replacement. And fuck they were good. I’d never actually seen them live before, and as Laneway organiser dude Jerome Borazio said, they are one of the best live bands around. Absolute standout for me was a personal fave, 45 and Rising. Went off. Newy This New Technology was also a standout. Although it was too hot to go completely nuts, the whole crowd did a pretty good job of it.

Next up it was more food time…although after waiting in a line going for about 100 metres for about 20 minutes we found out that they had actually run out. But that was really the only negative about the day. After deciding icecream was a good substitute, we headed back up and caught the end of Dirty Three. These guys have been around for ages – big early nineties instrumental folk noise rock kinda band. One of those bands that I’d heard the name of but never really checked out before. We caught the end of a song called Indian Love Song, an epic massive long piece, as well as a really nice mellow track called Everything’s Fucked (real mellow.) . The guys themselves comprise of only violin, guitar, and drums. But they have the sound of about 15 people on stage. Warren Ellis creates such a heavy level of distortion on his violin that it just goes nuts.

Last set of the night we checked out was The Middle East. I personally have a massive softspot for these guys. Their track Blood came in at #2 on my best tracks of 2009 list, and they were just awesome. Great solid set, nice and chilled. Great way to end what was a pretty bloody good day. You can check out some pics from the day over at the maamf facebook page.

There were other bands I wish I did see though. Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Dappled Cities, Whitley, Philly Jays, NASA, The Very Best. This is how good the lineup was though, it was impossible to not miss a good band because another good band would be playing at the same time! So, minus the food hickup, it was definitely a great day. They always seem to have a solid lineup every year, so if you’re around late Jan next year, definitely check it out!

I’ll leave you with a few tracks. Some Oh Mercy, some Hockey, some Juggers and some Dirty Three.

Oh Mercy – Seemed Like A Good Idea

Hockey – Work

Midnight Juggernauts – 45 and Rising

Dirty Three – Everything’s Fucked

K. That’ll do the ramble for now

Goodnight Owl Live at the Wesley Anne

Friday night we checked out Goodnight Owl at the Wesley Anne in Northcote. Was a great little gig. Well…actually…it was pretty loud, intense, and chair dance inducing. More on that later though.

About a month or so ago I got sent an EP by Goodnight Owl. I posted one of their tracks, Maps & Compasses and a few people commented on how they liked it and how it kind of blew them away. It blew me away too. The whole EP did actually. Eddie (singer and guitar) has this knack of writing really nice pop songs. And then there’s those beats. The EP highlights the great skills of Joe Walker, electro whiz. The beats are simple, and they’re sophisticated (the time change in the groove on Maps & Compasses always gets me). Adding to this mix is Bella Walker (and presumably the sister of Joe) with some nice keys.

So that’s just the EP. Live, it’s almost like another thing altogether. It’s loud, it’s pumping. Although the crowd were fairly restrained, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them wanted to get up and move and dance and stuff. They fill the band out a bit live with the occasional use of a drummer for a few tracks.

Eddie’s also a pretty funny dude. Although, in some instances, it appears that the funnies comes across as unintentional, it adds to the gig a hell of a lot. There is nothing worse than a good artist/band who has no presence or can’t talk to the audience.

But yeah, onto the songs. If you read this blog a bit you may have noticed that I posted a track by a Sydney band called Seekae called Void. It’s that kind of glitchy popish haunting kinda music. It has that pushy synth sound and all that. Goodnight Owl do a cover of it which you can check out on their MySpace…and they opened the show with it. It was, to put it simply, fucking brilliant. It still had that big hip hop beat that Seekae seem to be massive fans of, but it was all kinda liveish and about 100 times more intense. Eddie has a floor tom out the front which he would belt, adding to this really loud and aggressive sound that they had. It was so good that it actually wore me out. I felt buggered after that first one.

The guys introduced a few non EP tracks throughout the night too and these were great. Sounded just live Goodnight Owl. Especially the final track they played which seemed to indicate more a band sound and less of the electro stuff.

There were some tracks from the EP though. Maps & Compasses was amazing. Sounded much bigger and harder than it does on record, especially the chorus. That was something I was a little hesitant about before the gig actually. The EP incorporates this folk-pop and glitchy electro so well on record, I was a little unsure about how they would pull it off live. But they do. They make it big and it works.

Other highlights that came from the EP were Stale Bread and Verandah. For those that know Stale Bread, it’s definitely not one of the more uptempo tracks on the EP. And live, they stayed true to this…but only for the first half of the track. Halfway through saw the inclusion of drums and some electroness to help create a massive big triumphant finish. Verandah is also another fave of mine. It is such a nice song, the lyrics make me think of home and everything that’s constant when everything else is going a little crazy. (wow…just got a little bit wanky and d&m there for a minute…haha…it is a really sweet song though. You know…makes you think and stuff). Anyway, live, Verandah sounded so sweet and just pushed along and made you feel happy.

One thing I remember thinking throughout the gig was “where the hell is the album??” A full length would be bloody impressive and if you see the guys live or you’ve heard the EP, I’m sure you’d agree.

Although their slot was a little short (there was an 11pm noise curfew in place – residential area and all that crap), they put on a great set. It was brilliant actually. The supports were also pretty nice (Ashley Bee did some great guitar pop and Nick Huggins and a dude going by the name of Seagull provided a heap of electro glitch experimental pop kinda stuff).

Probably my favourite of the night (apart from the Seekae remix) was Verandah. Here it is…just below 🙂

Goodnight Owl – Verandah


Lisa Mitchell – The Corner Hotel 22/09/09

Lisa Mitchell

ok. So last night we checked out Lisa Mitchell play at the Corner Hotel. All in all, was a good show. I was a little skeptical about how Miss Mitchell would be able to pull it off live, but her voice sounds bloody great. So, it was probably great production as well.

She opened with Heroine. If you have the album, or have heard the track, you’ll know that it’s a strange kinda track. But yeah, back to the live show. Heroine started to play and the curtains opened…and nothing. No-one was on stage. I thought, shit! She’s got the wrong night! Ha…or shit! she’s doing this all with backing tracks? But I was wrong. Thankfully. Lisa jumped on stage singing heroine and slowly, one by one, the band members joined her tapping away at different percussion instruments. Jumping around, Miss Mitchell gave the show a really fun opening vibe.

One of my favourites, So Jealous came a few songs later. Pulled off really well live I must say. Has such a great vibe that track. Much love for it. Other standouts were Coin Laundry (complete with a story about how punters have begun piffing dollar coins at her during the line “Do you have a dollar? Do you have a dollar?”), the smooth Pirouette (written in spite of her not being a ballerina…), Red Wine Lips was awesome too. Stevie was also great – had the crowd singing along. She chose to end with Neopolitan Dreams in the same way as Heroine began: with the band members, as well as the support acts Oh Mercy and White Birds & Lemons coming on, singing along, and playing an assortment of percussion instruments. Great vibe with the audience singing the “Ba da da da da da da” line. Good way to finish up!

The absolute standout though was a track that I overlooked when I initially reviewed her album. Oh Hark! was easily the best of the night for me. Once again, had a great fun vibe (they seem to be her best songs.), and the jungle style drums keep it rollicking along.

If there was one thing that I didn’t think was so amazing, it was Lisa Mitchell’s piano playing. She can play, that’s for sure. But when she hits the low keys, it’s as if she’s trying to deafen us. It kinda made Love Letter, which is such a beautiful song (the opening line is one of the best), a little difficult to digest. I had the same problem when I was learning piano, and especially if you’re singing (something I could never ever do), it’s a bloody hard thing not to do. But, for her first headline tour, she’s shown that she has got the beginnings of some pretty good chops.

Oh, and just one last thing. She speaks so softly!!! I mean, she is really cute and presents herself as a pretty softly-spoken kinda lass, but it wasn’t until some dude at the back of the room yelled out “we can’t hear you Lisa!” that she spoke up and we could understand her word for word. But yeah, wow, I feel as though I’m being really really harsh on her!

She does put on a pretty darn good show. Her voice sounds great live. She jumps around a bit on stage too which adds to the fun of it all.

To leave you with, my new fave.

Lisa Mitchell – Oh Hark!

(MySpace, iTunes, JB HiFi)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

massive wall of sound…oh, and my ears are still ringing.

Decoder Ring

ok. Last night I went to go and see Decoder Ring with my mate Hughie. I don’t know any of their new material, except for Beat The Twighlight. Hughie on the other hand new it all. But yeah, man, they are bloody great live. Bloody loud too. But it has to be that loud in order for you to get the full effect. So yeah, I thought i’d post two of their tracks.

Both of the tracks work really well with videos of horses running in fields. Part of Decoder Ring’s stage show is quite visual. Since much of what they do is sorta soundscape-ish, the visuals just ad that extra dimension. And they had a few vids of horses running wild. So, please play their tracks with the followubg vid! Oh, but remember to mute it…I think it’s got Kelly Clarkson playing :s It was the only vid I could find!!

If my mate Hughie can get his arse into gear, there might be a proper review of the gig coming up soon. I wouldn’t could on it though!

Decoder Ring – Beat The Twilight

Decoder Ring – Escape Pod

Check ’em out on MySpace, iTunes

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

The Little Stevies – Northcote Social Club 26/07/09

The Little Stevies

“Wasting time is fine tonight…” unless you’re enjoying a Little Stevies gig in sunny Northcote on a cold winter’s Sunday arvo. Young and old embraced the Northcote Social Club carpet, soaking up their aussie folk /pop. This gig gave us well constructed harmonies and warmth in their lyrics. We sat lapping up the catchy tunes, beautiful guitar chords and all round positive vibe amongst a massive hand crafted “Dink Me” sign. And what an eclectic mix of instruments! From guitars, vocals and drums to a rain stick, djembe and an accordion- just to mention a few.

The two lead singers in The Little Stevies happen to be sisters. A fellow Meandallmyfriends blogger, Miks reckons that siblings just have that certain something, which friends simply couldn’t create on a stage. If that makes any sense?!… and these two sisters really did just that.

Throughout their gig The Little Stevies divulged their secret tour itinerary to us in intricate detail of their upcoming Europe trip. It was also delightful when Simone joined the group on stage with her Auslan translation of Sunshower.

They surprised us with a cover of the late Michael Jackson’s Black or White. Other highlights were The Tram Song- about a boy who stole a Melbourne Tram. And a song from their video clip Somewhere We’ve Just Been which, believe it or not made it onto the Foxtel Country Music Channel!

They played a few newbies. One of my favourites was a song called There’s a Light, But It Sometimes Goes Out. Or what I like to refer to as their anti-gospel song. It was a real thigh slapping hoe down of a number!

This Band gives you that wanky little feeling of one-ness with the world, and eases your anxieties where your soul can drift away with their songs about love, people and places. All the feel good stuff.

To leave you with, a download of the track Somewhere We’ve Just Been, off their debut album.

The Little Stevies – Somewhere We’ve Just Been

Do yourself a favour.


Jaimi Faulkner – Kiss & Ride

Jaimi Faulkner - Kiss and Ride

ok. This dude played a killer set of new material at the Coner Hotel on Saturday night. It was as part of his Kiss & Ride tour, in support of his new album of the same name. If you haven’t heard about this guy and you like good blues (with a bit of soul and some good rock hooks) then you really need to check this guy out. I really like this album. I remember buying his first album and having it play, and play, and play etc etc etc. I didn’t seem to get tired of it. Maybe because it was because I was studying music at the time and I was perhaps more open to other musical styles. Or maybe it was because Jaimi was doing the same music course as me. So yeah, this album has the same sort of feel.

I think the biggest difference would be, to me, lyrically. There seems to be a lot more tracks written about the laaaaaaaaaddddddddiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeessssssssss! oooh. oh gee. can you actually read that? it says ‘ladies’ in case you can’t be arsed trying to figure it out. Haha…anywho, the lyrics, yeah, they seem to be more focussed on falling in love and losing love and all that kind ofstuff. So, ladies, he’s a bit of a romantic it would seem! The album also seems to have an urgency behind it which I really like. It pushes on from track to track which is good given that there are 14 tracks on this album.

So yeah, if it sounds good so far, you should probably (do yourself a favour, and) buy this album. But if you really want to experience his goodness (struggling for words a bit? I think yes.), you really should check him out live. The songs translate so well live.

On Saturday night, he opened with the great Dublin Girl. The track itself is great and has a really nice sing along style feel. But live, it was bigger and better. There are two tracks on this album that featured on an EP Jaimi released inbetween album number 1 and 2. They are Shame and Back To You. Both have been changed for the album, and when I heard the album versions, I must admit I was a little dissapointed. But then I heard them live and all was forgiven. They were both really solid.

Probably the highlight of the night for me was his rendition of Hold On Babe, a track off his first album. On the album, the tracks features the amazing vocals of Mia Dyson. You can purchase some of her stuff here. Live, the track featured Liz Stringer, a stalwart of the Australian blues and roots scene. It was simply beautiful. It’s such a great track anyway, but to hear it done live, in the way it was, it was just stella.

You can check out some of the photo’s from the gig via our facebook page.

So yeah, that’s the album. You can check it out here on iTunes. It’s also available at JB Hifi as well.

To leave you with, a track that you can download off his Triple J Unearthed page. It’s off that middle EP I was talking about earlier. It’s a track called Roll, Tumble, Smuggle & Stumble and is pretty rock. But it’s a great intro to his work.

Jaimi Faulkner – Roll, Tumble, Smuggle & Stumble

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

Van She – Ze Vemixes

van she

ok. So there’s no secret that I love Van She and I also love all the remixes they’ve done. So, this review will of course be biased. But, can I just say how good Ze Vemixes is? And how good they are live? So much fun.

Enough of the giddy gushing about the boys. Onto a proper review of what is playing on my iTunes as I write. I think every track is good. They’re all different and if you like the other remixes they’ve done (oh. try here, here, and here), then you should definately get the album (iTunes Link – Is Cheap!). I’m tossing up between faves. Having seen them last night, I think some went off a bit more than others. Tracks like Talkin’, It Could Be The Same, Sexual City and the THUMPING Techno Music, definately went off like a rocket last night.

The album itself does is not just a remix album version of V, their debut album that Ze Vemixes is packaged with (You can either buy just the remix cd or both at a reduced price digitally). It also covers some of their other work with tracks off ther first EP as well as a newy, Techno Music.

There is also an amazing mix of Virgin Suicide. It’s great. Very downtempo and I reckon could be better than the original. Big claim. I know. You know what else is a big claim? Your face. (Harsh right? Yeah. Oops. Sorry. You’re probably a very attractive person. Not that I know you or anything. If I do, then…well…umm…shit).

To finish off with, I think i’ll leave my fave from the album. (Yes, in that time, I have made up my mind.) It’s one of my fave Van She tracks off their first ever release, the Van She EP.

Van She – Sexual City (Van She Tech Remix)

K. That’ll do the ramble for now.

Peter Combe and The Bellyflop in a Pizza Band. Corner Hotel, 7th May 2009

Peter Combe

Hey, Alikitti again 🙂

It was a sea of newspaper hats as a crowded richmond bar full of twenty-somethings rocked onto songs about a disgruntled tadpole concerned about the changes happening to him “Tadpole Blues” and “Juicy Juicy Green Grass” And the classic we wore those hats for, “Newspaper Mama”.

Combe created an atmosphere of fun and general gag value hilarity. Smiles were all round, supporting their favourite childhood ‘one-man-wiggle’. Of course, I have to admit…there was something a little strange about generation Y still dancing to kids songs- but drinking beer at an city Melbourne pub! Yet the crowd were still shaking their booties like they did in 1989…

Other highlights inlcluded the madness of “Mr Clicketty Cane (Wash Your Face in Orange Juice)” and “Spaghetti Bolognaise”. I am still pissed he didn’t play “Chopsticks”. Oh well- guess we’ll have to road trip it to for his next gig- Manning Bar, Sydney!

Although it’s not from the gig we saw, here’s a bit of him live in action, taken from his DVD:

We’ve posted up an old song of his too. It’s just a rip off YouTube complete with an intro sounding a little creepy.

Peter Combe – Newspaper Mama (youtube rip)