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Lostkeyz is an 18 year old Sydney MC. On the back end of immersing myself in the work of Flip The Script, it’s real cool to see new young MC’s embrace that more lowkey 90s sounding vibe. Also like the Flip The Script dudes, Lostkeyz has a real natural sense of flow and tone – his voice itself is real direct and personal.

‘Lagging On’ is his latest, a short rumination on keeping a sense of self through change. The production mimics the title, with that drum groove just sitting as far back as possible.

Lostkeyz has the game to back this all up too coming off some top support slots for Daily Meds as well as a killer single ‘Do What You Love‘.

Keen to hear some more stuff from this guy.




Melbourne people may well have heard the name Jimmy Hawk before – he’s done a fair bit of solo work around town and had a band called The Endless Sea for a bit too. Jimmy’s latest project is Young Hysteria and is a collab with his mate Thomas Van Der Vliet. The guys have been kicking around for nearly two years now, and you may well recognise their single of last year ‘One Young Lover’. It was a pulsing r’n’b infused jam that was as equally dreamy as it was intricate and introspective.

Well, we’re lucky enough to be premiering the clip for that track this morning on this here site. It’s a kaleidoscopic night-time journey for the two fellas, complete with booze and babes and all those blurs and colours you end up seeing towards the end of the night. Sounds like my night last night/allmynights ohgosh :/

Rad clip tho!

Keep an eye out for these guys around town this year.




If we, as people who write about music, and to an extent, trends, would have to suggest a new direction in Australian contemporary music, it would be that there appears to be a push towards and an appreciation of the more classic, but sophisticated pop song. Dorsal Fins are doing it, so are Hopium. And so is Clue To Kalo, a fella from Melbourne. You may remember the name Clue To Kalo, also known as Mark Mitchell – the guy has been releasing stuff for over 10 years (his first full length came out in 2003 via LA’s Mush Records).

This new album, The Motives Records, is due out on Sep 23 and it’s some beaut sonic eargasm that sounds busy and intricate and goes where you don’t expect. It’s also incredibly familiar and joyous and just darn great. It’s his first independent release, as well as being the first album he’s done outside of his bedroom.

You may know the first cut from the album, ‘Burning Arrow’. It’s a jaunt of sorts and goes everywhere whilst still staying within the pocket.

As well as ‘Burning Arrow, we’ve also got a pretty great little exclusive for all you guys. We got a stream of the album opener ‘The Men That They Make Us’. It’s ethereal, cinematic, starts off small and introspective with those contemplative lyrics and piano but gets expansive and large and all encompassing. It’s perhaps the best indication as to where Mitchell takes his music, and indeed, this album.

Make sure you grab a copy of the full length when it comes out. To my ears, it’s easily one of the better local releases of the year.



Screenshot 2014-07-15 10.46.00

We’re lucky enough to premiere this new clip from those rad Melbourne guys Cool Sounds.

As a track, ‘Safe Flight’ is sort of a no-holds-bar approach to songwriting. There doesn’t feel like there’s any filler in here – everything, even the strumming patterns, the sax lines (provided by Mr Snowy Nasdaq), and those little synths at the end (provided by our mate Zac Denton of Ciggie Witch) feels done on purpose, and not just because that’s what happened when they jammed on a riff and thought it sounded good.

Similarly, the clip also takes that step above. We’ve seen clips like this before – that old VHS footage thing has been done forever, but there’s something about the way it’s all interspersed, and layered, and everything else. And although it most likely wasn’t done on purpose, the approach mimics the layers going on in the track itself rather nicely.

The track was mixed by Sam Wilkinson from Sydney guys Day Ravies and it comes from the bands new tape Melbourne Fashion due out next month on new label Whalesmouth which is run by JJ from the rad Bandcamp Hunter.

Really keen to hear more from these guys!



long weekend

There are a fair few bands down in Melbourne town that all fall under this broader idea of ‘dolewave’. And whilst there’s an ongoing discussion about exactly what dolewave involves, there is a real sense that it’s a serious musical force, despite it’s slightly-not-serious label. There also appears to be various clusters of acts that are part of this new musical force, all sharing members, ideas, influences, instruments, labels and, in some cases, houses.

Ciggie Witch are one of those acts, sharing members with those in The Ocean Party, Snowy Nasdaq, Pencil, Ian, Velcro, Aleks And The Ramps, Shark Alarm and I’m sure a fair few more(!). And yeah, sure, not all of those acts carry the ‘dolewave’ tag, but there are a few of them that easily could be classified as such. Ciggie Witch, for me, fall under that camp, but are perhaps more laid back, in instrumentation at least, than some of the other projects. And with the current ‘dolewave’ lexicon being occupied by rather straight-up anxiety-laden lyrics, the slack/cool/lazy vibe that these guys embody offers up a bit of a respite to the doom and gloom.

The new single ‘Long Weekend’ which we’re lucky enough to premiere to the world right now picks up the pace when compared to their earlier EP Echidna Cottage. And it’s the pace that makes it. When you consider the instrumentation, the lyrics and just the general vibe of the band, having a track that rollicks along forces you to sit upright in your chair. The pace is subtle, but it’s enough to add another layer.

The track is taken off the bands debut full length Rock And Roll Juice due out early May through Osborne Again.



PaulConrad2 - Credit [Cam Taylor]

So you may have heard ‘Thanks For Nothing’, the debut track from Sydney fella Paul Conrad. It’s been featured on Indie Shuffle, Prefix Mag and My Old Kentucky amongst others.

I must admit, when I pressed play on this one, I was unsure. Paul’s voice is fragile, and to me, there’s some fragile voices that I think just sound really weak, and not just in their power, but also in what they’re trying to convey. Paul’s voice manages to convey so much though – it’s unique quiver compliments the rather sparse guitar beautifully. And I think the fact that that chorus is pretty sing-a-long like as well as being a little Mr Brightside-esque (thanks Tommy for the tip-off) helps it out a great deal too.

MAAMF is lucky enough to debut the clip for the track. Using filtered footage of kids being kids (including a young lass in a floral head wreath singing those words directly to you), coupled with war time imagery, and signs of poverty, you can tell that Paul has thought this one through. ‘Thanks For Nothing’ is not just a personal exploration of what life may mean to him, but it’s also a statement of sorts with the flipside being a comment on the importance of being thankful for what you’ve got and what you receive.




So, this is pretty exciting. Maamf is lucky enough to be able to debut the making of vid for one of the tracks from Aluka‘s debut full length, Space alongside a whole heap of other excellent blogs. The track we’ve got is track 9, ‘Street’. Tomorrow, make sure you check out the rad All I Do Is Listen as they premier another making of vid.

Perhaps the best thing about Aluka is that sure they’re an experimental vocal pop group, but it’s still all quite accessible and definitely not alienating. The album itself was released a couple of days ago (April 5th) and was recorded and produced by the excellent Nick Huggins, who has worked with Oscar + Martin, Kid Sam etc. The guys vary it up with their sounds (yep, that is possible with just vocals) as well as the stories that they tell. You can also hear the various locations reflected in both the stories and sounds too (each song was recorded in a unique location across their home state of Victoria). It’s a small bit wanky a concept, but my gosh does it work.

The girls are going to be doing a run of dates in support of the album. Make sure you check ’em out. They’re heaps talented, and also heaps funny (as the clip suggests).

Album Launch Tour

Thursday 11th April- Camelot Lounge, Sydney
Friday 12th April- Salamanca Art Centre, Hobart
Wednesday 17th April- Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Sunday 21st April- Nexus Art Centre, Adelaide
Friday 3rd May- Uniting Church of Northcote, Melbourne 

Buy tickets: http://aluka.com.au/tour/