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So I’ve been a big ol’ fan of these boys for a fair bit. Since they first started a couple of years ago, through to last year’s signing to I OH YOU, to say that Melbourne’s City Calm Down have progressed a bit would be a freakin’ understatement. They’re still doing the moody, live dance […]


Ok, so this is simply fucking genius. Such a feel good remix of a freakin feel good track. City Calm Down have proven themselves a heap over the past couple of months – from getting bigtime radio play to playing some killer gigs. And then Zac Hayse of excellent Melbourne duo 96 Bulls. The best […]


Ok, so next week the brand spankin’ new City Calm Down EP, Movements drops. I am so keen on this. In fact, I’ve been keen on the guys for a while. The lead single from the EP, ‘Pleasure and Consequence ‘ is such an incredibly good song. And now there’s the clip. From the subtle editing at the beginning to […]


You may or may not have noticed that City Calm Down have signed to awesome local label I OH YOU (home to Bleeding Knees Club, Snakadaktal, DZ Deathrays etc). The boys are releasing a new EP, Movements on November 2nd, but we don’t need to wait that long to hear the first taste. Up this […]


The City Calm Down boys are back with a new ‘EP’ (well, it’s two tracks). The guys found something they were good at a while back and have stayed on that since. This is some moody indie dance. Opener, Dare is a bit more of an upbeat (in groove at least) builder with no chorus […]


we featured these guys a while ago. City Calm Down are their name and decent live indie disco stuff is their game. I’m quite liking this newish sound for the gents – it’s not as dark and gothy. There’s a bit more brightness in there which is always a good thing – shows we can […]

calming influence

City Calm Down. I think us Melbourne (and some Sydney) kids are some of the best in good electro. Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts, Trust Us (definitely check these kids out). And i think you can add City Calm Down to that list. They remind me of Cutters a hell of a lot, especially their track […]


awwwwww yeah. I’m feeling seedy. Like, very seedy. And not in some sex-crazed maniac way, just hungover way. So this’ll be funn! Lucky for these here mixtapes then I suppose. An incredible mix as per usual. And apologies if it sounds different for some reason – I use GarageBand (yay for free software that does […]


Ok, so here we go. This thing is finally up. I could go on about my year and how it’s been hard man, but this kid here is finding himself a little resolutionary so I is gonna stop with that ‘ahhhh phd’s are hard and everything else has suffered as a result’ line. This here […]


It’s nearly the end of the year. And what a crazy/nuts year it’s been. I can confirm that there will be a best of the year mixtape, maybe a bumper edition (read – close to 2 hours). But before all that, here is the November tape. Some real different genres on this one, from the […]