So, you may have heard. It’s all true. This tape, right here, this one you got your eyes all over and ears all in is the second last tape on this site for quite some time. The last tape will be up in the early weeks of November.

I don’t want to get bogged down in writing about finishing up, because really, people don’t want to hear that. You come here for writing about music. For those few interested though, keep an eye on the maamf facebook for something in the next couple of weeks that’ll provide ya with a bit more detail.

I was keen to try to run a theme through this post, one that tried to somehow encapsulate the general theme of finishing up. Sitting and listening to this music though, this tape below, I’m struggling to justify writing about an end where all this music continues on and lives on and takes on new meanings and stays with you and lives beyond you. So, as has become tradition (if you count the last few tapes as the setting in stone of said tradition), below are a couple of small ruminations on four of the tracks below.

It’s interesting how with a new name, you can see new life. DEJA were a duo I wrote about a little bit on this site in the past – big fan of the dark moody electro back then. Now with kult kyss, the new project from Haxx and Rromarin, there’s new life. ‘Get Up Boy’ is pushy and agitated, on the constant attack, only letting up as Rromarin’s vocals are set free at the end.

‘Nightcrawler’ feels incredibly propelling. Sure it’s  dance music, and that’s what the majority of dance music attempts to do, but Planète does it in a way that makes you really listen hard to all the details. There’s room to breath in this, and immerse yourself in all of the little ideas that seep in from every which way. Planète is the master of intricate, dark propelling dance music.

There is a feeling of being stuck in Deep Blue‘s ‘Disney in Ice’. Starting off with dueling guitar lines, and layers slowly building, you feel prepared for some big explosion of noise towards the end. But then it doesn’t. It holds back on you, restrained in a way that keeps you uneasy. Perhaps it is just my listener ears, but to play with expectation, teasing it out, feels a masterstroke.


There’s been a lot of adoration thrown Will Cuming’s way of late. As LANKS, Will’s been releasing music for a couple of years now. His Viet Rose EP that just came out is something rather special. ‘Holla’ is one of those rare tracks that on surface feels easy, but with more listens,  the more the tension rears its head. In part it’s the production. But it’s also great testament to the work of Will himself, easily one of the hardest working and most interesting artists making pop music in Melbourne.


So there ya have it. Keep an eye and an ear out for the final tape, up within the next four weeks or so.

A thank you and goodnight.



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