30 Tracks. Ready, just, for that partay tonight.

It’s been a hectic year for maamf. We’ve done some ace things – got a couple of premiere’s under our belt and some bloody incredible Australian music.

Easily the best, most important day of the year though was sometime mid Jan when I turned to a mate of mine mid Courtney Barnett gig at Goodgod and asked if he’d like to write for the site. That mate was Adam, and that was nearly a year ago. It’s been a big ol’ year for Adam too, what with a hectic job, and a real life human baby gracing the lives of Adam and his wife in May.

So yeah, the fact that he’s taken the time to write for this little Australian music site has been something pretty darn spesh and everything. Love ya dude! So yep, there’s been some big faves this year for me. Personal faves that have stayed with me, and as I more intimately learn about the music-making processes of young musicians, the way I listen to music has changed somewhat. Hopefully I’m a hell of a lot more appreciative of what goes into forming and shaping a song, from those melody ideas that hit you on the train, to the hard slog of perfecting a groove or riff.

I definitely am listening differently now. Looking forward to this time next year.

If this tape excites you, then make sure you grab a copy just below.



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