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Yep, here’s my list. What started as 26, then pushed out to 29, then again out to 32 and finally 34, is now down to 10. Bloody hard (of course), and there are so many that deserve a bit of a mention (more on that below tho).

This year was perhaps the first year though where there wasn’t a super clear cut standout. There were at least 3 that were vying for #1. And the rest of the 10 are in a super tentative order. I love doing these lists, but gosh darn, it’s been a year so full of solid releases that finding just 10 was a task.

So, in order to appease my own anxious self (I always look at lists a couple of days after I posted them and realise I forgot something), here are the ‘other 10’, the 11-20. Some of the one’s that just missed out on the 10 were:

Blank Realm – Grassed In

Harmony – Carpetbombing

Seekae – The Worry

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders – Playmates

The Peep Tempel – Tales

East Brunswick All Girls Choir – Seven Drummers

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Oddments

Lowtide – Lowtide


Old Mate – Old Mate

And here’s the other ten. The better ten (but only just). Unlike other years, I’m just gonna have this list and not crap on about them. They’re bloody good. They’re my favourite of 2014 for all sorts of reasons. I reckon that’s good enough. Streams be there for you as well as just below, a big ol’ mixtape with two tracks from each album smack bang for that partay you’re havin tonight.

DOWNLOAD (Right Click/Save As)

10. The Harpoons – Falling For You


9. Luke Howard – Two & One


8. Clue To Kalo – The Motives Records


7. Laura Jean – Laura Jean


6. Total Control – Typical System




4. #1 Dads – About Face


3. Jane Tyrrell – Echoes In The Aviary


2. Ciggie Witch – Rock & Roll Juice

1. The Ocean Party – Soft Focus



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