htmlflowers edit

So this thing. Wayyyyy out of the park.

You might well think it’s a fine line between calling mess and calling genius, but my chips are always on genius with HTMLflowers. Chips being a proxy of value in various casino gambling games, so we’re clear. Except I don’t really know a lot about casinos. My credibility might remain safer under your ruthless scrutiny if I revise to say that my potato chips are always on genius with HTMLflowers. We let go of my fundamental point, but I do have some reasonable first-hand experience with potato chips. Safe to continue.

So maybe I’m ignorant to his influences, or maybe this is just wonderfully unique – in every little decision.

My test is simply this: imagine if someone looped this delicate orbit beat – say, in a dark echoey room. Maybe they put a speaker inside an old bell, or hung some warped sculpture, it doesn’t even matter. Because either way you could be imagining my favorite installation art piece of all time. Just like that.

So in my opinion you should enjoy the streamed item below, and also if you book Biennale or something you should probably hit him up. I’d not even be surprised if he already had a concept ready to roll, having some hints at his spectrum of creative output.

Potato chips on genius.


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