The debut solo track from Jane Tyrrell kind of nails the concept of space. There’s room to breathe in ‘Wild Waters’ – it doesn’t overbear at any point, rather, there’s a sparseness to the production – even when the big climax hits at 2:45.

And of course, Jane’s foray into solo work also speaks of space – this doesn’t sound as though it falls under the broad umbrella of hip-hop that is The Herd. You couldn’t really argue that it’s falls into the nu-soul basket either. Instead, there’s a real pop sensibility to it all, although sitting within this dark and murky bed of mood and sound. It’s smart production that does just enough. Somehow it’s managed to find where that line is and although it teeters on the edge at points, it never steps over into the over-the-topness that so much solo pop stuff does.

The track is taken off a full length, due out sometime during the second half of this year. If this is any indication as to the rest of Jane’s solo work, then I reckon’ we’re in for something good.



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