Say what you want about Chet Faker. There seems to be a bit of dislike for him – maybe it’s because he worked with that other guy people like to dislike, Flube. Or maybe it’s because he’s, like, successful now man and he’s no longer underground and stuff coz we’re so indie and hip. He’s ruining the whole bearded dude vibe bro. What? Hipsters? Nah man, we just really in touch with what’s going on and don’t like the mainstream and stuff. 

But I dunno. Sure his album was a little lacklustre, but I think the dude still can write a mean tune. And there is something about that voice. Time will tell in regards to whether he’ll ever create a critical success though I guess.

But mate, when you get a fella like Roland Tings to jump on and have a play, then you’re on to something else, and hey, maybe even something that all those kool doodes can vibe on, bro. It’s acidy, feels minimal, and shows enough respect for the original without losing it’s other worldly feel.


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