Well, here’s a thing. I (Adam) just had a kid. A genuine small female mammal.

Now that public service announcement is out of the way you may figure my taste will spiral into what you call ‘lamesville’ as the magnitude of my new fatherly role eclipses my yearning for cultural relevancy. For you, then, I have 2 pieces of evidence to prove you are regrettably and embarrassingly mistaken.

Exhibit A:
My taste has always had a small but valuable lame patch, so either way I have you on a technicality. Ha.
Exhibit B:
This track. The one I am posting right now on this very blog. This Lanterns one.

I’m not even going to mention the deftly resampled organic sounds or carefully vocal layering – because frankly using musical descriptors for music isn’t a thing dads are even into. At all. Dads do metaphors.

So ‘Left in the Dark‘ is locking yourself in a cupboard. At first it’s mysteriously tight and claustrophobic, but slowly your brain starts drawing those rainbow pictures for your eyes and things get more expansive and curious.

Is this particular cupboard as clean as you first thought? Is it a vulnerable place, or maybe a little sinister?
Look, I couldn’t even be sure enough to warn you.
But I went back in, and I daresay I’ll do it again.

Keeping my eye on this Lanterns guy.


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