oh geez miks, shuttup already about your mates GOY. we know they’re one of your fave bands, but seriously, mate, it’s ok. i think people are starting to come round. 

New Gang Of Youths owns.

With their debut album due out in the second half of this year, I reckon  ‘Poison Drum’ will be just what you fuckers need until you go and see ’em live. The newy consolidates on that raucous energetic wall of noise and makes it epic. When I saw the track lasted for 6:26, I had to double check. Really? I thought I only just clicked play…testament to these boys though – they manage to pack in an awful lot without making it feel like it’s actually close to double the pop-song time formula.

And mate, those live shows. If I had a recommendation, it would be to skip the big shows and check out the band’s headliners (if you can of course). There’s something about being stuck in a packed sweaty medium sized venue with these boys losing their shit on stage. Some of my fave live music moments up here in Sydney have involved these fellas. You can find more out about the headline shows here.


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