eagle and the worm

If there’s one thing that strangers on the street ask me endlessly, it is whether I know of any large-lineup bands still making party songs. If I had a dollar. Whether its dodgy trackpants at the park, or old bitty off to get her hair curled, even some of those hyper-hip guys wearing bogan clothes ironically. Everyone still seems to want lively party playlists, because presumably people are still having parties in 2014. I’m not a sociologist, but I calls them as I sees them.

So all three of my generalised demographics will be glad to read that Eagle and the Worm are back to fill that spot again with a vengeance, via a track called ‘Automatic‘.

This is one of the incestuous musician-sharing projects out of Melbourne that reminds me of the first time this Sydney kid got a taste of that southern scene. Maybe I missed the local nuances at the time; but it felt personal, unhyped and raucous. Plus brass sections didn’t feel so lame, I’d almost admit they started to seem rather exciting.

To me this track captures some of that for keeps. Who cares about words or aloof personas if you’re crammed in a cave with a band in full stride and the place is heaving. If you hear to 1.30 and don’t agree this is a partymaker, we really do go to different parties.

I can imagine that people who sell things (like maybe jeans) will have an ear for this one, so I say beat those execs to it by playing it first at your own shindig this Saturday.

Also seems there’s a tour in a month. Assuming that’s as a 7+ piece or something, could be quite the spectacle.


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