Have you ever noticed how some Australians sound more Australian than others? I have. And to call a knife a spoon, we’re not always into it.

But we have our reasons. I know I’ve found the most “audibly Australian Australians” do tend to position themselves in backpacker hostels around the world, methodically eroding my love for my own accent.

But sometimes there are shining beacons who learn to use their power for good. Beacons like young East here.

This first taste from her is as Central Coast NSW as my family summer holidays, and yet it may be my new benchmark for pop music on this big old island.

Yes I said pop on a blog. Without any fear whatsoever of your haughty internet eyes.

Let’s all be honest and admit that good pop is an especially noble thing when it’s done right – lean, genuine and characterful. And this ‘Old Age‘ ditty sounds to me like an authentic (pretty gifted) 16 years old’s songwriting wrapped up tight into a 2.42 cannonball.

The production is angular but supple, and proper nods to John Castle for keeping all the heart along with the shimmer and punch.

If you like it catchy and audibly aussie without it being over-calculated, add a play to all of mine.

This one is probably ripe for more jplay too (edit: yes Dom is on it), so attending her unearthed might be the way to show yet more love. Because maamf readers do show yet more love.


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