movement 2

It’s that classic story that used to fill my dreams as I grew up.

1. Friends make band, scrap together something sketchy.
2. Clever local radio station hears through the imperfections and throws it on air.
3. Label man hears, loves, signs.
4. Label and band delicately grow the project until we can all hear the greatness.
5. Worldwide acclaim.
6. High fives.

Movement, FBi and Modular are the characters in this very real example of such a moment happening right now, and I daresay they are just about at step 4. Let ‘Like Lust‘ in behind your cold, jaded autumn shell and see if I’m wrong. I honesty feel like the vibe of this is undeniable.

Maybe I was tempted to assume over the last few years that it isn’t organic anymore unless it involves label-free twitter and soundcloud accounts from a bedroom. But it’s stuff like this that’s all like ‘stop dreaming so small you hack’ (to me, not the bedroom entrepreneurs).

So kudos to all parties involved in the story so far. I’d say this will eventually catch worldwide – and if it’s through genuine, heartfelt hugs of sound like this, then bloody good on them. God speed, Movement.



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