I won’t try and deconstruct the brief history of the tidy hyperactive trap sounds coming from all corners of Australia right now, because (like most people over the age of 20) I figure I’m on the outside of that loop.

Maybe there are places on the internet where quiet/shy/anonymous/intelligent kids go to talk about various animals and inside jokes. Actually, that is probably most of the internet. But maybe there are also more specific places where those kids pick through Cashmere Cat tracks and chat through bed squeak samples, delicate percussion and clean plastic synth sounds… Well that’s not for me to know.

But however it started and whether or not Wave Racer was really the first to climb the mountain of this sound locally, the cordial is flowing freely right now and there is cool stuff coming from all directions. Our challenge here is who else do we pluck from the sweetened stream?

Today we have chosen Sydneysider JAWS. His debut ‘Need Me‘ doesn’t stray too far from the cat’s tasty tree of sound design, but it’s put together with a steady ear for clarity and a slower pace than most – measuring out the melodies without flustering my (probably much more ancient) insulin levels.

I dig it because it’s light, uncrowded and ultimately good smiley music. A good sign on the first track, as there is still nothing like a good old-fashioned smile.

Free download from the soundcloud too.


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