client liason

The aesthetic. If there is one thing I do miss from the times of old when big record labels were rich, it was that total commitment to an aesthetic. I don’t know exactly how they did it (money and cocaine were probably instrumental) but the attention to detail with the opulent sounds and visuals was astounding to my young self.

Nowdays we can all put blurry montages together on our friend’s Canon for almost $0 and overall it’s probably much better, but perhaps there’s still room in my heart for classic levels of rich-cocaine effort.

Enter Client Liason and their consistent delivery of these gems. Again their latest is funny and it’s nostalgically Aussie, but it’s so much more than an old joke. It’s real fun, smiling music.

Free Of Fear‘ is arranged with less drama in order to have more dance, but it’s still melodramatic and glowing. And somehow the clip is even a step up again from ‘Feeling‘.

Anyway, no more words or it will get weird. I don’t need to convince anyone to watch this. They’re also playing a bunch right now.



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