whyte fang

I read the book White Fang as a kid, and cried a fair bit. I think it was when Scott tried to make White Fang stay behind by pretending to hate him, though he was the first person White Fang ever trusted. Or if that didn’t happen, it should have. This story is nearly irrelevant, except to agree that the brooding intrigue of that White Fang character is probably a decent reference for this project.

Mystery girl Whyte Fang has been trickling out originals for a little while, it’s interesting to see the movement and the confidence changing. If you’re into Australian house music you may remember her from a Lancelot track last year, but the fit is more natural with her own aesthetic in my opinion. Her new jam ‘Heart’ keeps the cloudy sound and restrained wavering voice, but gives us a greater peek behind that carefully maintained curtain.

Her melodies in this one are more pop, it skips along at a Haim-like pace, but they are bent around the edges in a way that makes you unsure of what sits behind them. The sound is still that kind of hollow “is it electronic or organic” rhythm-heavy atmosphere. I’ve seen other blogs drop the Knife comparisons – while not as creepy, there is definitely something of that oddness in there that adds a wary depth.

So the Knife producing Haim. It would seem that’s the fragile familiarity link I’ve decided to clutch at, in combination with a cherished novel from my childhood. It doesn’t really capture it, but hopefully it’s enticement enough to make you curiously click that play button.


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