Outta Perth, Methyl Ethel is the project of Jake Webb. His new EP, Teeth starts off like a horror film. It’s full of strange, eery found sounds, and although there’s no sudden shocks or anything, there is this sense of despair that permeates the opener ‘Camber Baptist’.

There’s also an incredible amount of warmth. ‘Tilted’, below is track two off the EP and is definitely a fave of mine. You may have heard ‘Lagotto Romagnolo’ and ‘H1 N1 A’ kicking around on a couple of blogs too. Within this warmth however lies a feeling of anxiousness and emotional baggage. I think that’s what makes the EP such an interesting and intense listen. It’s the act of release that playing and writing this music has for Jake. He uses warm instrumentation (even the more rockier tracks, the instrumentation washes over you), to explore some pretty cold, hard emotions. 

You can stream and purchase the EP over here. Definitely worth it.



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