Before I let Adam begin…what wait? Adam? Who’s Adam? I thought this whole maamf thing was a joke because it’s called Me, And ALL My Friends but yet it’s only just me Miks coz, well, #sadlife?

Nah, I met Adam through a mutual mate (Cheers Max). Adam’s pretty top notch, writes pretty well (better than my attempts), and in general, loves some great local music. If all goes to plan, he’s gonna be a regular for maamf, offering up some slightly more electronic new Australian music. He’s already introduced himself over on the maamf fb, so give him some lovin’ eh?

Let’s talk about simplicity for a minute.  Specifically, let’s talk about how a man from Melbourne with no shortage of ideas can cram such an entrancing moment into barely 3 minutes.

Lots of loop flipping?  Negative.
Many careful synth layers? Nearly none.
Then he must have swamped it in trendy reverb like an audio instagram filter? Hey hey easy with your pointed tone.  Reverb is our friend, and you’re being insta-snarky.  And actually, the answer is not at all.

Please give a warm welcome to the brand new project Lanks, from Farrow’s Will Cuming.  He went and did it with an intriguing song ‘Rises and Falls’, and an earthy vocal telling a good old-fashioned fantasy story.

I’ll admit, I’m not normally one for putting screenplay plot in lyrics – and some parts near my limit for flowery language. But the gentle production and relentless cold beat sets off the warmth in the voice, and the intimacy of the dry voice sets off the otherworldly lyrics. Yes, everything is setting off everything. Thus it manages to balance itself beautifully.

All up it is entrancingly simple, and I genuinely keep hitting play to dig back in.

It’s just out and the soundcloud plays are accelerating already, there’s a free download going on his bandcamp too – I say jump on.


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