In a week where (again) there’s been a quiet uproar about the roll of triple j and the homogenisation of the Australian music landscape, it’s great to know that there is a thriving and diverse independent music scene in this country.

After a stint over in London, Gazar Strips have returned to their hometown of Brisbane with their feverish garage stylings. Their new single, ‘Oversight’ manages to capture this jolty, dark atmosphere, and with that extended 1 minute 15 intro, it forces you to be taken in, even before any direct lyrical engagement happens. Also, make sure you keep an eye out for the bands second EP, Sparkling, which is due out soon.

Also exciting is the fact that those rad guys up at Sonic Masala are putting out the EP. These guys are doing what I think a lot of other music blogs want to do but don’t have the balls/belief/hopefulness to do so. They’ve started their own label. Make sure you give them a lot of love. No mean feat moving from a blog and a couple of parties to a full blown indie label.


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