Sometimes a pop song just takes you over. And you forget about pre-conceived ideas around that particular artist.

The pre-conceived idea I had about Gossling was that her voice sounded like just about every other indie folk singer out there…although Gossling was never really an indie folk star (THANKS VERY MUCH JULIA STONE). She was moreso a straight up indie pop star though. But anyway, I usually am not a fan of Gossling‘s voice.

This new track though, the title track off her debut full length of the same name out next week, is something else. ‘Harvest Of Gold’ is one of those pop songs you could listen to forever. It’s pretty dreamy, goes enough places, has this laid-back funk-style beat, and the mix kind of works with Gossling’s voice – her voice is very much an instrument in this track, and not just a voice out front.



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