Ok, so that American Beer company Budweiser are actually kinda big here. And they are one of the many alcho companies getting involved in music (but hey, let’s face it, there’s actually a heap already aye). But, as with many of the others, what they contribute to the Australian music community is the most important thing. And this little comp they got running looks pretty tops.

So, this post is essentially a call out and a list. A call out for any solo bedroom producer guys out there, keen on winning a pretty rad prize, to enter your track.

It’s also a list of those that have already entered. An amazingly diverse mix, all awesome, and all deserving.

First up though, what you can win. They’ll fly you to Sydneytown if you finish up in the top four for the AIMAs on November 7 where they’ll announce the winner.  There’s a $5,000 DJ Warehouse voucher also up for grabs. And then, on top of that, you get some studio time which will end up in a vinyl pressing of your own shit!

If you’re keen, then jump along to bit.ly/enterbudnow and enter. Entries close on Sunday (Nov 27th) night though. What’s better is that it’s a people’s choice comp. So, come Monday Nov 28, you and I get to vote for the bestz.

Already, there are a heap of faves up for the prize! A couple of my faves are just below.

 Check out Maxi‘s profile here.

Check out Brother Witch‘s profile here.

Check out friendships‘s profile here.

Check out Lower Spectrum‘s profile here.

Check out Super Magic Hats‘s profile here.



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