168857_386312964817834_881546283_nBrother Witch is the project of Cameryn Keiller out of Melbourne.

His new EP Cut Your Friends Like You’ll Grow New Hair has that one man vibe feel of someone like Tim Fitz, but a little less chaotic, and perhaps a little more accessible and heart-on-sleeve. No disrespect to the Fitz either – he is incredible.

Anyway, this new EP has elements of glitch-pop, elements of real singer-songwriter stuff. It’s not dark, but manages to feel eery. It’s a subtle feeling, but it manages to crawl under your skin a little and make a nest. Cameryn has a real knack for creating a real lovely bed of sound and rhythm, incorporating his guitar and with some excellent synth and cut up claps and drum work and vocal layering cut and paste work.

The final track, ‘My Last Breath’ is easily a stand out. It is instantly recognisable and has an instant familiarity which is always a good thing. I’ve also included ‘Biggest Deal’ which features the guest vocals of Mairead O’Connor.

If you dig, then make sure you grab the EP over on the Brother Witch bandcamp page.

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