1272309_595729253822924_1274371000_oSo, I must admit, I got a little excited when Love Migrate announced a new EP. I’ve written about these guys a fair bit both on maamf and over on mismatch, and, well, they’re just a classic sounding band to my ears. There’s something distinctly Australian about their sound, they sound like the country, without the twang etc.

Whilst I should say that it’s taken me a while to get into the bands’ new track ‘Dissolved’, after a couple of listens, it’s sitting rather nicely. It feels more stripped back than their earlier work, and there isn’t that sparse intensity that seemed to plague their debut full length. But there’s a level of assuredness that comes through on ‘Dissolved’.

The new EP, of the same name, will be available on November 1st. And if you’re down in Melbourne town, then the guys are launching the EP at The Tote on December 8.



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