None of what I do is objective and this blog is definitely not meant to be some expert taste of what’s the best in Australian music. Instead, it’s just a taste of what I’m digging. And there’s definitely some stuff I may have written about last year that I now would not consider writing about. That’s what taste is though – it changes as you change.

So, with all that in mind, I was never really a fan of The Panics. The thing that I think put me off the most was lead singer Jae Laffer‘s voice. But as Jae’s music changes, and as I change, I’ve grown an appreciation for his music, and his voice.

The lead single from Jae’s foray into solo life is ‘Leave A Light On’. The clip features some grainy, layered footage of Jae doing his thing. The song though, features so many little intricacies, so many little hooks that pull you right in. And Jae’s voice has this tone, this level of earthyness to it that many people have, but very few pull off.

Jae’s debut full length When The Iron Glows Red came out a couple of weeks ago. I definitely reccomend giving it a listen.



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