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Goddamit Jack R Reilly. Two songs in, and you’re nailing it with some real heart-on-the-sleeve singer songwriter pop music.

Jack‘s first song, ‘It’s Too Late I’m Awake Already’ opened up the August mixtape, and has since gone on to be a pretty played track, both in my iTunes library and on the airwaves.

The new one ‘Cold Reminders’ sees the ivory replaced by the acoustic. It’s a lot more sing-along and a little less somber sounding than ‘It’s Too Late…’. There’s a warmth to this one, and although it’s still ultimately about jealousy and pain, those real heart-aching ideas are answered with the refrain ‘And the pain is really great for making art‘, almost making everything a little bit worthwhile.

Head along to Jack’s bandcamp and grab yourself a copy of the track. It’s taken off his debut album Middle Everything which’ll hopefully get a release soon.


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  1. This is awesome!!! So good.

    October 2, 2013 at 3:23 PM

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