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So this new track from Elizabeth Rose is definitely her best track, and one of the standouts of the year so far. Big call, but I’m willing to go there. ‘The Good Life’ ramps up the dark pop vibes – that intro section is nuts. And whilst she doesn’t have some, dare i say, uniquely whimsical, or even worse, quirky sounding voice, her vocals, to me, still manage to stand out. I tell you what else stands out? Commas.

But quite seriously, Rose’s vocals compliment her production incredibly well, and, if you’ve ever seen her live, then you’d know that this is something she manages to pull off in style.

‘The Good Life’ feels dark, but still uplifting enough to be your end of winter jam. Mind you, have you been outside today? Bloody hell, it’s as if Summer just hit.

Also, you might have noticed on the facebook that maamf is a finalist in the pedestrian blogster awards. Doing maamf is my one true love. It’s the thing that holds the rest together (quite honestly). By shooting maamf a like, it gives me the belief that this thing here can keep on going, to keep on growing. You’re also showing your appreciation for the local music scene too! The link is bit.ly/VoteForMAAMF and it only takes one ‘like’. I’ll reward you in some new music (nothing new, I know) and also a couple of pretty special things next year. #thingsinthepipeline



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  1. Adam Weston

    Great choice!

    Adam Weston +61 (0)438 127 922 +1 818 934 2473 (USA) adam@firestartermusic.net Firestarter Music and Distribution

    August 30, 2013 at 3:15 PM

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