PaulConrad2 - Credit [Cam Taylor]

So you may have heard ‘Thanks For Nothing’, the debut track from Sydney fella Paul Conrad. It’s been featured on Indie Shuffle, Prefix Mag and My Old Kentucky amongst others.

I must admit, when I pressed play on this one, I was unsure. Paul’s voice is fragile, and to me, there’s some fragile voices that I think just sound really weak, and not just in their power, but also in what they’re trying to convey. Paul’s voice manages to convey so much though – it’s unique quiver compliments the rather sparse guitar beautifully. And I think the fact that that chorus is pretty sing-a-long like as well as being a little Mr Brightside-esque (thanks Tommy for the tip-off) helps it out a great deal too.

MAAMF is lucky enough to debut the clip for the track. Using filtered footage of kids being kids (including a young lass in a floral head wreath singing those words directly to you), coupled with war time imagery, and signs of poverty, you can tell that Paul has thought this one through. ‘Thanks For Nothing’ is not just a personal exploration of what life may mean to him, but it’s also a statement of sorts with the flipside being a comment on the importance of being thankful for what you’ve got and what you receive.


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