The title of this post is not just some vague, disingenuous attempt at making you happy, but the name of a killer band from Melbourne who’ve been kicking around for a little bit.

Smile are launching their debut album on Friday (August 23rd). Entitled Life Choices, I’ve actually been lucky enough to have a bit of a preview listen. And it’s freaking great – think the slacker pop of Twerps and that whole chillmate vibe coupled with a bit of psych.

The dudes have have got a clip for their single ‘Born Again’ which actually features lead in track ‘Sunni Hart’ too. If creepy exercise videos and chilled blue screen video clips are your thing (and who could say no to a combo like that?) then the clip’ll probably be right up your alley. If you’re only a fan of creepy exercise vids, then, hey, one out of two ain’t bad right? You can download the track below too via the dudes’ bandcamp page.


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