So if you believe in hype, then you’d believe in Gang Of Youths. But then again, even if you simply believe in a solid live band writing some damn catchy tunes, then you’d still believe in GOY. If you’ve caught these fellas live before, you’ll know that this is where they make their greatest impact. Every single show the boys work up a sweat, and it’s kind of infectious, even if the room is half full.

That’s what it is about GOY that I think is the most interesting, the most fascinating, the thing that sets them apart. There’s this really personal and insular nature to their work – it is very much about the five of them being together and playing for each other. The fact that you might be there enjoying it is simply an added bonus.

Even on record, there is this incredible energy, something I haven’t heard for a while. New track ‘Evangelists’, is testament to that, so much so that it’s been on repeat since our mates at whothehell premiered it earlier on this week. As with a lot of GOY’s work, hidden behind that really big pop anthemic sound, is something pretty dark, and something rather personal. And, once again, it really comes back to their live show. This dark energy that the fellas manage to capture on record is really something else in a live context. It really is visible.

If you’re keen to check out GOY, do it soon. The band are heading over to the states for a fair while in a couple of months. Lucky for you then that their actually playing a fair few shows around the traps before the move. The guys are supporting Cloud Control on their national tour (dates here) and are playing a showcase gig at Oxford Arts alongside Louis London, Bearhug and a couple of others (dates here).


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