So this is my jam for a strange Sydney afternoon. Feels like it’s going to rain and it should be cold, but it’s instead still, and feels a little sticky, although according to the BOM it’s meant to be only 54% humidity.

Anyway, this ain’t no weather blog or somethin. This here be an Australian music blog. And Banoffee is killing me right now. The project of Martha Brown (otouto and general Two Bright Lakes fame), it is some nu-skool r’n’b that is minimal, not big, but still manages to make me feel like a little helpless, looking up in awe at the piece of work this is. It might be Martha’s voice, or the restrained nature of the production, or the fact that the clip for the song evolves from a confident musicalness into a strong female physical form.

Whatever it is, it’s working, and I’m now having trouble getting my work done.


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