I dunno what it is about Australian bands, but there’s some serious incestuousness going on.

Made up of Ela Stiles from Songs, Nisa Venerosa from Fabulous Diamonds and Karl Scullin from Kes Band, Bushwalking apparently started out as a bit of a solo gig for Ela with Nisa and Karl just in the background. But man, kinda glad she pulled Nisa and Karl into the mix proper. As a band they’re tight as and those duelling vocals of Nisa and Ela are pretty phenomenal. You may well know this already if you’ve heard their first album, First Time which was released last year.

The guys are back (already) with their second album set for release September 6th. Entitled No Enter, it sounds even more disjointed, but tighter still. There’s even more going on in the work of Bushwalking this time round, and although that may make it a little harder for the listener to find something to latch onto, once it does pull you in, it’s well worth the wait. Title track and first taste of the release, ‘No Enter’ is a pretty ace example of that.

Hopefully we’ll also see some live shows towards the end of year too!


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