Haarlo are a two piece sorta properly from Melbourne, although singer Stacey Gardiner is originally from across the ditch. 

The first track that surfaced from these guys was ‘Easier’ which got picked up by international superstars Ms Mr and featured in a mixtape of theirs. ‘Easier didn’t do it for me though I gotta say. New tracks ‘Dreamlands’ and ‘Red Light’ do though. ‘Dreamlands’ highlights Stacey’s voice beautifully – the bare minimal production from other half of the duo Jono Steer, lets Stacey’s voice take you somewhere else. ‘Red Light’ does the same, albeit with a more funk driven groove underpinning it all. If that trip-hop vibe of the 90’s is something you still pine after, then Haarlo could be that fix you need.

Both tracks are taken off the guys debut EP, also entitled Dreamlands which is due out July 11. The guys are also launching the EP on the same day down at the Northcote Social Club – details here.



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